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Got Themes?

If themes (26, including “default”) haven’t yet arrived as an option in your gMail account, check out the screenshots on Flickr!

You’ll know when you’ve “got themes”  because your gMail account will look like this:


Here’s how to configure the themes, once they’re available.

First, go to “Settings” on the upper right task bar. Then click “Themes” which will be on the far right of the “General Settings” menu bar. Click a theme and it’s automatically activated. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page! Some designs are more clever on the bottom than on the top.


More from Information Week and TechCrunch.

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4 Responses to Got Themes?

  1. Raquel Hirai says:

    I got my Gmail themes! And I already picked a colorful cool one (until I get tired and come back to the old white version).

  2. rubir says:

    Thank you for the news, I will choose mine as soon as I post this thank you note.

  3. Yu-Hsuan says:

    Thanks for introducing the Themes. I used Gmail a lot and I changed my background as well. It is amazing that I have a good moon with my new version. However, there are more ads on the new version and like old saying “there is no free lunch”.

  4. Jui-Lun Hsu says:

    Wow ! I’ve changed my background of this new theme too. Using gmail now is not a chore but more interesting now :)

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