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Viral Video of the Week–Kony 2012

If you’ve been anywhere near the interwebs this week, you have to have seen a link to this week’s viral video. Hugely popular, Invisible Children’s video has been watched by 55 Million people worldwide, drawing attention to the atrocities in central and East Africa.

At almost 30 minutes long, this is by far the longest viral video I’ve ever seen. Amazing that they got so many views despite that, garnering nods from such celebrities as Oprah, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian, who all tweeted the video.

As with all things, though, some pushback was inevitable. A Tumblr site called “Visible Children” sprang up to ask some hard questions about the Invisible Children corporation, whose Charity Navigator transparency/accountability rating is only two stars. A Reddit thread also popped up, and in the last couple of days, Washington Post and Mashable have begun discussing the backlash as much as the video itself.

Finally, the Daily posted a long, thoughtful post about the problems with “fauxtivism,” and suggested some alternate charities for this cause. The ultimate point: “Stop sending me that video.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts: on the video, on fauxtivism/slacktivism in general, on how to best rid the world of people like Kony…

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