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Viral Video of the Week–It only hurts if you watch

This week’s video has lit up all of the news feeds in the last couple of days.

And by “all of the news feeds,” I mean “all of the news feeds that the 30-somethings frequent.”

A parody based on the song “We are Young” by Fun, this reprise shows what happens to those 20-somethings after ten years  of “getting higher than the Empire State” and being carried home. Prostate exams, babies, wine-and-cheese parties–there is no sacred cow to the makers of this video. Like any really good satire, the comments about it are equally entertained and dismayed.

And as a last note, it appears as though Yahoo! started to pull the YouTube links to this video once it became popular–the link HuffPo article about it, and most of the direct YouTube search links are now dead. So if the one below goes away, you’ll have to go to Yahoo! to view the video. Is this a way for Yahoo! to force people to go to them for content? If so, it’s very poor form, especially because most viewers don’t have embed coding for the Yahoo! system.

YouTube Preview Image

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