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Viral Video: the DSLR amateur – the new urban scourge

Alright you annoying DSLR camera owners with your enormous lenses and oversized camera bags, its time to take good hard long look at yourself. This week’s viral video comes from Australia and exposes that very modern creature – the amateur DSLR camera owner. It’s funny how spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on a camera seems to automatically transform people into photographic artistes. This then apparently gives them the right to barge into the middle of a wedding and poke an enormous lens right up close in the bride’s face as she makes her vows. Or it means they can spread-eagle themselves in the middle of the road at peak hour because they just have to get a close up of that soda can flattened against the pavement. Of course the camera remains firmly set on automatic everything – because who has time to actually learn how to use it when there is art to be made. Disclaimer: This writer would be the worse kind DSLR amateur if he could afford one.

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One Response to Viral Video: the DSLR amateur – the new urban scourge

  1. Ryan says:

    I think this is an interesting approach to a video video, but (and it’s only a small but) the use of annotations at the end to provide enticing extra content is sorely lacking. It’s just a replay of the punchline as seen in the main video rather than expanding on these characters. Just a small gripe, but it seems slightly pointless. Otherwise, a nice idea.

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