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Content With Your Content Strategy? Get Some Help With Yours.

Does your online presence need an overhaul? We may be able to help.

The University of Washington’s Communication Leadership program is looking to match students seeking a practical learning experience with organizations and businesses needing to create a more compelling, content-driven online presence.

As a freshly minted graduate of the Communication Leadership’s Master of Communication in Digital Media class, I can tell you that some of the best educative experiences happened when I could apply some of my learnings in a real world setting.

For me, one of these experiences was in the class “Multi-Platform Content Strategy: A practical approach to immersive and responsive content”. Creating online content that is relevant for target audiences on multiple channels is now a requirement for companies to stay competitive. The ability to do it well takes thought, strategy, planning and some fairly monotonous audit work!  It is challenging for organizations and companies to allocate the time and resources needed to do the task thoroughly – particularly if it’s a non-profit or small business.

When I was thinking about my major project– which was to create a content strategy – I figured I would get the most out of the learning experience if I worked with a real life organization with a real life need. So I teamed up with Seattle Bio Med – an internationally renowned, non-profit research institute striving every day to eliminate the world’s most devastating infectious disease. Non-profits in particular can have limited resources when it comes to marketing and communications but the need to tell their stories in a compelling and engaging way is essential.

The experience for me as a student was intense.  It’s a lot of work to plough through an entire website page by page, but it’s the only way to build  a good strategy. It’s amazing how much you can learn about an organization and how it can really help you figure out which questions to ask when constructing a strategy for the future. Of course, all organizations have resource limitations – so the reality of balancing what possible with what’s doable was a great lesson for me and a good opportunity for the organization to think about its priorities.

Susan Brown, Vice President of Advancement for Seattle BioMed, says, “Having access to a resource that could spend the time reviewing and thinking about what we needed to do was invaluable. We now have a road map and better understanding of what’s required for great online story telling and reaching our target audiences.”

So if your organization has been thinking about how it can do a better job around content strategy, creation and distribution, Andrea Zeller, Adjunct Faculty and instructor of the Multi-Platform Content Strategy course is keen to match you up with one or more of her new students starting in the Winter quarter 2014.

Andrea says “This is a graduate program – so you will get to work with experienced professionals who are  motivated to deliver a great outcome. You will have access to the next generation of digital media and content professionals to help bring your vision to reality.”

As part of the output you will receive a comprehensive content strategy plan comprised of a content audit of your current website, analysis of your Google traffic, an assessment of which social media channels make sense for you and the types of content your additional social media channels will need. It will also include offline channel assessment and content recommendations with a detailed schedule of next steps and insight on how to create, maintain and govern your content.

If you want to learn more – feel free to email Andrea at or me  at and I can  give you more detail about my project. But move fast – opportunities are limited.


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About Patrick Doherty

Patrick Doherty is marketing, branding and communications leader with over 20 years experience. As a student the MCDM program Patrick is focused on understanding how media, digital technology and social networks can transform social and cultural norms as well as the way we do business.

One Response to Content With Your Content Strategy? Get Some Help With Yours.

  1. Mindy says:

    I am of the camp that “content strategy” is defined as the governance and management of content. What you’ve outlined above sounds more like a very excellent and solid “content marketing” plan to me. While a content audit is a core component of content strategy, that doesn’t mean it’s place in your deliverables make what you’re offering a true content strategy. In fact, I think it instead makes a very sound addition to the content marketing deliverables you’ve outlined.

    And while it’s possible what you’re offering is indeed truer to the definition content strategy industry leaders have defined, it does not come across as such in your article.

    Coincidentally, a recent article about the differences between content strategy and content marketing and how they should work together can be found at the Content Marketing Institute:

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