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Viral Video: She’s Gone

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Marina Shifrin went to work in Taiwan for an animation company hopeful she could combine two loves: comedy and journalism. But the realities of the job turned out to be a little different, as she details in a blog post:

I loved it! I found the perfect combination between comedy and journalism. I was having my cake, eating it AND going in for seconds. I dropped everything for work. I spent hours in the office perfecting my headlines, my voice overs, my stories. But as the workload increased, I found I could no longer keep up. I tried. I came in earlier, I stayed later, I worked on weekends. Scared I wasn’t pulling my weight, I went to my boss and told him how I felt.

“Make deadlines, not art,” was his response.

After deciding she’d had enough making sensational pieces designed only to attract clicks, Shifrin let her workplace know she was done with a little note – posted as subtitles to an interpretive dance video that now has over 12 million views.

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Shifrin’s blog post is a little more nuanced than the video, and makes clear the respect she held for her boss and co-workers was offset by her frustration at the reality of the position. Now she’s got her time in the viral spotlight, and was apparently offered a job by Queen Latifah due to all the attention.

Shifrin’s old employer, Next Media Animation, had their own response to the video:

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