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Viral Video: Goldiblox and The Three Inventors

Four days ago, Oakland-based toy company Goldiblox released this video via Youtube and it spread like wildfire. Over four days, it has been featured by the LA times (12, 3 times), The New York TimesThe Huffington Post  and countless other media outlets. When you Google “Goldiblox” 10,400 results surface under “News” alone. I have seen it pop up in every single one of my social media feeds multiple times a day and currently the native Youtube video has 6,788,070 views.

So, what made Girls go viralWas it the narrative? The play on an iconic song? Was it because the video pokes fun at gender roles?

Or, was it just good advertising?

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Cindy Gallop, founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty‘s U.S branch says that the video’s success can be attributed to the fact that this is advertising created by women and girls for women and girls. She states that the reason Girls gained so much momentum was because women share so frequently on social media and that this video is a prime example of her belief that “when you want a video to go viral, you talk to women and girls and you talk to them in the right kind of way”.

What do you think? Why did this video see such success?

Want to learn more about the making of the video and these three pint sized inventors?


Click here for a behind-the-scenes look

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  1. Mark Gorden says:

    Here’s another interesting video this week.

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