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Marketing Health Insurance to Millennials

Chris and Diana Walla

Chris Walla, guitarist for Death Cab For Cutie and his wife Diana’s photo taken at the UW

It is a historic time for health care and information distribution in America. Law-makers faced challenges to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and now Communications and Media Specialists face an equally great challenge of marketing this information to a media saturated public.

“We are all living in a 140 character world so it’s really difficult to cut through the noise and grab their attention.” -Senior Communications Specialist Bethany Frey with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

In effort to reach nearly 1 million uninsured washingtonians organizations and public figures are teaming up to spread the word and increase the enrollment of a target demographic  “Young Invincibles”. Equipped with grassroots style events, text-messaging services, in-person assisters, celebrity appearance, and social media outreach marketing specialists attempt to assist and educate Millennials about health options available to them under the new laws.

On November 12th 2013 the Washington Healthplanfinder’s Mobile Enrollment Tour visited the UW campus mid-day as a penultimate stop on the enrollment tour with self-proclaimed “Q list celebrity” Chris Walla, in-person assisters and photo booth supporting the campaign’s social media outreach. On November 21st 2013 The Stranger and SEIU hosted a concert “Go Health Yourself” at Chop Suey featuring “Hey Marseilles and Emerald City Soul Club”.

Below is a video of these events, event hosts and guest reactions:

YouTube Preview Image



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