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Prime Time Pitches: Skin Ally

As part of our continuing series of Prime Time pitches from this year’s Entrepreneur University, an event produced by NWEN (Northwest Entrepreneur Network) , we present Jordan Schindler’s pitch for Skin Ally. The company produces pillow cases woven from bamboo fabric and infused with “acne-curing microcapsules” to combat acne.

This third of 6 Prime Time pitches produced by Flip the Media in conjunction with Jenni Hogan and NWEN shows the impressive range of creative business ideas taking flight in the Puget Sound area. While Seattle has become comfortable with its reputation as a center of technological innovation, several of the pitches chosen as finalists this year are lifestyle and health-related ventures. Think organic produce (Farmstr, a recently shown Prime Time Pitch), think skin care, and yoga apparel (Priya Life, subject of an upcoming Prime Time Pitch).

Clearly, entrepreneurs are finding new and disruptive ways to make, market, and distribute the things we’ve always loved and continue to need. With new technology constantly available, their options for doing traditional things in new ways are limitless.

Of course, technology as an end product continues to be a flourishing entrepreneurial springboard – recent Prime Time Pitch 9 Slides and future PTP Ofunnel are two examples of the creative possibilities.

Here’s our video of Jordan Schindler’s pitch to Jenni Hogan. Would you trust your face to this company? Want some inspiration for your own pitch? Watch and enjoy.

This video was produced by MCDM student Paul Rees, with camera work by Paul with Claire Li and Patrick Doherty.


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