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The Death of the Corporate Website: A Commentary

Photo by: Jason L. Parks

Photo by: Jason L. Parks

Dear Friends and Family,

We are gathered here today to celebrate a life. Several weeks ago, the news broke and quickly spread across social media and blogs everywhere: the death of the corporate website.

As we mourn, can we really say we didn’t see it coming? The old age; moving slower, resistant to getting the help you really needed –  I have to admit, I hardly ever visited in the final weeks and months.  It was just too painful.

Things weren’t always that way, though. In the early days, there were plenty of reasons to visit. In fact, I felt privileged that I had such 24/7 access: I could stop by whenever I wanted!

Time flies though, and now that you’re gone, I wanted to take some time and share a few cherished memories from our times together, old friend.

The way you always wanted to talk about yourself. I used to come by and you would always show me those silly pictures of your co-workers or your warehouse or company car. You liked to brag about your 5 star customer service or how easy it was to find your place (right there off the freeway!) or that award you won 3 years ago. I’ll never forget how you loved your coupons.

There was this huge need for you to tell me all “about us” but sadly, you never really seemed that interested in my pictures or my stories.

Organization was never your strong suit. I laugh now, but you were kind of a classic case for the show “Hoarders”.  So many people tried to tell you “less is more”, or “quality over quantity”, but you always thought you knew best.

In the end, though, we’ll remember your legacy. In the early years, you were so cutting edge and fancy. You taught us the importance of having a presence, and answering “frequently asked questions”. It’s like you just always knew what was on my mind. You ushered in a new way of communicating, a new way of sharing, and because of that, our world will never be the same. 

We may never be able to visit you again, but I have a sneaky suspicion there will always be piece of you with us.


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