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What the (Cr)App: Coffee Meets Bagel

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Before you get serious with this New York-born app, it really wants you to know one thing: this is NOT an online dating site but an “online social gaming platform where people meet, build their network, and hopefully find love on the way”. Hence, it will reduce the stress that comes with making (romantic) digital connections.

How you ask? Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) makes it easy for it’s users to find potential matches without an onslaught of autobiographies and unwanted messages. Here’s how it works:

1. Using your profile, preferences and Facebook (they pull matches from your 2nd and 3rd connections), CMB provides you with one match or “Bagel” per day every day at 12:00pm EST.

2. Once you receive your match, you can browse photos, take a look at their micro profile and then choose to “Pass” on them or “Like” them. Oh, and you only have 24 hours to make your decision.

3. If you and your match both “Like” each other you are put in contact through the CMB private messaging feature. From there, the two of you can take it to the next level and set up a date.

4. If you pass on your match, you’ll never see ‘em again.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s basically a timed version of Tinder without the one-night-stand vibe and all the swiping, right? Well, here is where CMB differs from quick match apps like Tinder: CMB gamified the experience (their words, not mine) by adding their own currency called “beans” to the mix. Good for a handful of less-than-exciting things like bypassing the 24hr time limit to get a second chance with a Bagel you missed, you can acquire beans for free by inviting friends to join, filling in the blanks on your profile or by sharing your use of the service via social media. Alternatively, if you’ve got bean fever but don’t want to make your CMB use public, you can buy them for a nominal fee.

So, if your tired of reading through endless dating autobiographies on Okcupid et al, are looking for something in between a fling and a long term relationship, like to play games or just to play coffee buddy roulette, you can download the app here for free or just as easily sign up via their website.

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    Thanks for sharing your post! “This charming digital Adonis wooed me with his shared Trojan fandom, supposed athleticism and witty Sriracha jokes.” Love it!

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