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About Flip the Media

Flip the Media is a blog about the digital media revolution written by the students, faculty, and alumni of the Master of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington.

We report on the intersection of media, culture and technology, and look at how digital media is “flipping” traditional media—and communications in general—on its head. Through analysis, interviews, and guest posts by industry leaders, we seek to take stock of the changes brought about by digital media and also serve as a forum for discussion and debate. We hope you will visit often and join the conversation.




Our Goals:

  • To provide a live digital media lab for experimentation and learning for MCDM’s students, alumni and friends to get hands on experience in creating stories, building communities and building digital properties.
  • To be a respected, widely read source of analysis on digital media for technology, media, marketing and communications professionals.
  • To actively engage our readership while sharing the work of MCDM and its students.








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