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About Shelly Ngo

Shelly Ngo is a writer and graduate student at the University of Washington's Communication Leadership program. For 18 years, she worked in marketing and communication at the international relief and development organization, World Vision. Shelly maintains a personal blog at:

Your Teenager Needs a Digital Village

If the Music Man’s Harold Hill were warning residents of River City about the trouble ready to entrap teens today, he could forget about pool tables and focus instead on the dangers of the internet and social media. It’s easy … Continue reading

How Do You Create a Great Website?

An expert shares his insights Jason Levine is the Creative Director of  Ramp Technology Group and a professor of interactive design and information architecture at the University of Washington. For more than 15 years, Jason has guided companies and organizations in user … Continue reading

Mobile Internet in the Developing World

Digital analysts expect to see a billion or more new online users in the coming years, with more of these users accessing the internet via mobile devices instead of through desktop PCs. Lower-cost smart phones and data-enabled “feature phones” are … Continue reading

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