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Six Messaging Myths a Content Strategist Should Know About

What separates a content strategist from a writer? Information hierarchy. Content strategists typically follow a set of principles that help communicate messages, illuminate actions and organize information. To be effective, it is important to know more about how to position … Continue reading

Not Your Daddy’s Mobile Show: Report from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

By John du Pre Gauntt (@media_dojo) Walking around the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week in Barcelona, I couldn’t decide whether I was at a mobile telecom show, a car show, a medical device show or a health and fitness … Continue reading

IN-NW Shines Again

Analogue, Meet Digital by Hanns-Peter Nagel If you think of it, tech conferences like (the excellent) IN-NW are behind the times. Why leave home when one can hear presentations and interact with experts via Google Hangouts (even the president does … Continue reading

Ask a Pro: How to Get the Best Out of Your Content Audit

One of the most important steps in getting a content strategy up and running is the content audit. It tracks and records content and hopefully uncovers all your skeletons in the (virtual) closet. In the second installment of our content … Continue reading

Art is the How

Art in all its forms makes me think: What is art? Art has long adorned the majestic walls of museums and galleries to educate us about the glorious past, it has swirled around the stage to show the rich mix … Continue reading

A Cell Phone Microscope That’s More Than a Gadget

Our smartphones already serve as cameras, flashlights, shopping assistants and construction tools. Thanks to University of Washington graduate Thomas Larson, you can now use your smartphone as a microscope. Larson, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering last year, … Continue reading

The New Narrative Frontier: Data-Based Storytelling

What comes to mind when  you hear the word “story”? Maybe a book, a movie, a television show or just a uniquely human way to interact. Whatever it “means” to you, the principles of storytelling are increasingly used to make … Continue reading

Why Content Strategy Helps you Deliver Content on Time, on Strategy and on Budget

We live in the age of content. Every minute, users upload 30 hours of video to YouTube, send 204 million emails and view 20 million photos (according to this Intel study from May 2013). We are all content producers now … Continue reading

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