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Four Comics Innovators to Watch From Emerald City Comicon

Joining the fray of Emerald City Comicon, Seattle’s annual convention/madhouse of tens of thousands of rabid comic and genre entertainment fans, the Communication Leadership program on Saturday hosted four leading innovators in the comics world for TED-style talks and Q&A sessions … Continue reading

Is Neil Young’s Pono Really Righteous?

SXSW is an even more awesome place to launch a product than anyone knew, if Neil Young’s plug last week for Pono is anything to go by. Young brought crowds to their feet at SXSW and held them in the … Continue reading

Did the Internet Kill Feminism?

Since when have “feminism” and “feminist” become such a taboo set of concepts? Why do people have such different ideas of how to achieve the goals of feminism? And why do so many celebrities and other public figures run from the … Continue reading

IN-NW Shines Again

Analogue, Meet Digital by Hanns-Peter Nagel If you think of it, tech conferences like (the excellent) IN-NW are behind the times. Why leave home when one can hear presentations and interact with experts via Google Hangouts (even the president does … Continue reading

Art is the How

Art in all its forms makes me think: What is art? Art has long adorned the majestic walls of museums and galleries to educate us about the glorious past, it has swirled around the stage to show the rich mix … Continue reading

Charettes: Jump on This Cart With Your Transmedia Story

This article is cross-posted from the Washington Filmworks blog. When Scott Macklin visited our Advanced Multimedia Storytelling class in the University of Washington’s Communications Leadership (Comm Lead) graduate program to introduce the idea of participating in a charette, I have … Continue reading

You’ve Got to be Kitten Me! The Internet Cat Video Festival Comes to Seattle

The year was 1984 and in Spokane, Wash., Charlie Schmidt was “unemployed and destitute, but there were three things that [he] had: a cat, a camera, and a keyboard.” Charlie made hundreds of videos of his cat playing a keyboard, … Continue reading

How to Interview a Comedian About Comedy

Special to Flip the Media by Andrew Mitrak, Cohort 2013 When Drew Keller challenged our CommLead storytelling intensive class last year to create a 2-3 minute documentary, Dartanion London immediately came to mind. Dart is incredibly hard-working and super funny … Continue reading

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