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ZunZuneo: Social Media Falls Into the Wrong Hands

Well, that was nice – those few years we thought we could reach out over the internet to connect authentically. Heady with the success of the Arab Spring, and  the galvanizing role of Facebook in organizing the Ukrainian protest group EuroMaidan, … Continue reading

Did the Internet Kill Feminism?

Since when have “feminism” and “feminist” become such a taboo set of concepts? Why do people have such different ideas of how to achieve the goals of feminism? And why do so many celebrities and other public figures run from the … Continue reading

Net Neutrality Rules Are Dead (For Now). Why Should Students Care?

Students on university campuses everywhere or learning online in massive open online courses (MOOCs) will be sad to hear that a federal appeals court has rejected key parts of the FCC’s Open Internet rules. If they aren’t, they should be, … Continue reading

Marketing Health Insurance to Millennials

It is a historic time for health care and information distribution in America. Law-makers faced challenges to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and now Communications and Media Specialists face an equally great challenge of marketing this information to a … Continue reading

Sexism in the Search Bar

Don’t you just love the way Google always seems to know exactly what you are trying to say? Like, when you are looking for a specific concert date and you type in the band name, then the city and Google … Continue reading

Seattle 3.0

If Seattle 1.0 represents lumber and trade and Seattle 2.0 is synonymous with aerospace and technology, what does the future hold for Seattle 3.0? A building that produces its own water, an app that records HQ footage of a concert … Continue reading

Mobile Internet in the Developing World

Digital analysts expect to see a billion or more new online users in the coming years, with more of these users accessing the internet via mobile devices instead of through desktop PCs. Lower-cost smart phones and data-enabled “feature phones” are … Continue reading

Reflections on Movement Under Observation

A recent confluence of events has shown me the chilling effect of surveillance technologies like those used by the National Security Agency. I wanted to share some of those thoughts as an individual citizen, and hope that you find them … Continue reading

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