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Viral Video: World’s Toughest Job

It’s been just three days since Cardstore has released its “World’s Toughest Job” video, laying out requirements and qualifications that at first seem absurd. The “job” has received rave reviews from viewers across professions. If you are still not following … Continue reading

How to Hit the Right Tone For Your Content Strategy

In our multi-channel media world, brands and organizations increasingly rely on elaborate content strategies to coordinate their communications. One key factor in sharing a brand’s story successfully across all platforms is a consistent voice and tone. In the fourth installment … Continue reading

ZunZuneo: Social Media Falls Into the Wrong Hands

Well, that was nice – those few years we thought we could reach out over the internet to connect authentically. Heady with the success of the Arab Spring, and  the galvanizing role of Facebook in organizing the Ukrainian protest group EuroMaidan, … Continue reading

Why Social Media is THE Source of Information on Radiation Levels in Japan

The 2011 earthquake and the following disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant brought many changes to Japanese society. One that stands out is a new skepticism towards news from traditional sources and a booming use of social media. … Continue reading

Is Your Relationship Getting ‘Official’? The Facebook Data Team already knew that

While you might be getting fed up with the latest date photos, movie theater check-ins, or sappy “I have the best relationship” posts, the Facebook data heads are eating it up. As it turns out, the 100 days leading up … Continue reading

Your Teenager Needs a Digital Village

If the Music Man’s Harold Hill were warning residents of River City about the trouble ready to entrap teens today, he could forget about pool tables and focus instead on the dangers of the internet and social media. It’s easy … Continue reading

Day 4 Wrap-up: Unexpected Moments Make SXSW Special

Hidden Gem of The Day With the Austin Convention Center serving as the hub for SXSW Interactive, it’s easy to overlook the events that happen away from the hustle and bustle. I’m glad I ventured off the beaten path to … Continue reading

SXSW Day 3: That’s a Wrap

Something We Will All Do in 10 Years We will all make better infographics. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but it seems more than likely that data visualization will become a mainstream activity. Three trends point in this direction. First, … Continue reading

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