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Why Social Media is THE Source of Information on Radiation Levels in Japan

The 2011 earthquake and the following disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant brought many changes to Japanese society. One that stands out is a new skepticism towards news from traditional sources and a booming use of social media. … Continue reading

Your Teenager Needs a Digital Village

If the Music Man’s Harold Hill were warning residents of River City about the trouble ready to entrap teens today, he could forget about pool tables and focus instead on the dangers of the internet and social media. It’s easy … Continue reading

Tokyo Women Use Twitter to Call for ‘Sex Strike’

Former Japanese Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe won the Tokyo gubernatorial election on February 9th to become the city’s next governor. A field of 16 men fought a two-week campaign to become chief executive of the city of 13 million people. … Continue reading

Comm Lead Students Offer Creative Leadership to Issaquah

This piece is cross posted with permission of the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. February 13, 2014 · by Department of Communication As part of Professor Nancy Rivenburgh’s “Creative Advantage” class, a group of Communication Leadership students … Continue reading

IN-NW Shines Again

Analogue, Meet Digital by Hanns-Peter Nagel If you think of it, tech conferences like (the excellent) IN-NW are behind the times. Why leave home when one can hear presentations and interact with experts via Google Hangouts (even the president does … Continue reading

Viral Video: Openly Olympic in Sochi?

What do we mean by that? Take a look at this short but ingenious video from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and see.

Art is the How

Art in all its forms makes me think: What is art? Art has long adorned the majestic walls of museums and galleries to educate us about the glorious past, it has swirled around the stage to show the rich mix … Continue reading

The New Narrative Frontier: Data-Based Storytelling

What comes to mind when  you hear the word “story”? Maybe a book, a movie, a television show or just a uniquely human way to interact. Whatever it “means” to you, the principles of storytelling are increasingly used to make … Continue reading

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