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Viral Video of the Week

Viral Video: The Best April Fools Prank

Although we are now well into April, this beautifully executed class prank continues to garner views. Why? Perhaps because it shows respect and an easy camaraderie in the macroeconomics class where this all happened – and how easy is camaraderie … Continue reading

Viral Video: Live In-Flight Entertainment – the Lion King

The time between getting on a plane and take-off is usually the time to mindlessly kill some zombies or crush some candy. Passengers on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney (hopefully) put down their smartphones when the cast of the … Continue reading

Viral Video of the Week: Flower Marge

WARNING: If you want to sleep tonight, you might not want to watch this video. Emerald City Comic Con is starting today and here is a last-minute costume idea: just dress up like Marge Simpson. To do it right, you … Continue reading

Viral Video of the Week: First Kiss

While the Flip crew was busy covering all the shiny new tech stuff from SXSW, our Viral Video of the Week enjoyed a much-deserved vacation. We don’t really know where it went but when it came back it had a … Continue reading

Viral Video: Ellen on Bic for Her

This week’s coverage on Flip has explored issues of equality and women in the media, heralding the beginning of Women’s History Month in March. We could think of no better way to show the absurdity of gender inequality than this … Continue reading

Viral Video: People are Mean to Celebrities. Very Mean.

Think you’ve had a bad day? Wish you were more successful, more affluent – because maybe that would protect you from slights by the hyper-critical, the unfriendly, or just the plain mean people in your life? Nope. But take heart … Continue reading

Viral Video: Openly Olympic in Sochi?

What do we mean by that? Take a look at this short but ingenious video from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and see.

Viral Video: Seahawks Super Bowl Surprise

The big game is coming. The Seahawks are in the Superbowl and Seattle is a sea of green, blue and 12th man flags. Here at Flip we tend to watch the Superbowl for the fireworks in the commercial breaks–the clever … Continue reading

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