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iOS 7.0.6: Is Your Device Safe?

The internet is buzzing about the potential for harm to those who do not upgrade their iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads with Apple’s latest version of its operating system for those devices, iOS 7.0.6. Why? You can read the official, … Continue reading

What the (Cr)App: 7 Apps to Send Your Pictures as Postcards

Ok, reality check. The point-and-shoot camera is dead but we are taking and sharing more pictures online than ever before. On our smartphones and computers we are amassing huge collections of photographs, very few of which will ever leave their … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Bumbershoot

The Bumbershoot Music Festival has been a staple of the Seattle arts scene For 43 Years. With a variety of acts ranging from comedy to spoken word to visual art to music, it is North America’s Largest Urban arts fest, … Continue reading

Amber Alerts: Too Important to Ignore

Earlier this week, we published the thoughts of CommLead faculty member and security expert Shay Colson on the increasing government surveillance of private citizens.  Today we look at the flip side of surveillance technology: the tools that have given us … Continue reading

Divide and Conquer: Customer Loyalty Mobile Apps Abound

Special to Flip by Katherine Loh I was sitting at a local coffee shop when I witnessed a rather common, but painful situation. The cashier handed a gentleman his credit card after he swiped his $8 total for two. As … Continue reading

Learning How to Timelapse in Seattle

I have a fondness for photography because it is a wonderful tool to provide insight into a world we cannot see. This may be physically with technology such as macro photography, but also as social ideas and individual expression. Ideally, … Continue reading

How Popular is Cell Phone Photography?

Here’s an infographic from the man behind Frugal Dad that is scary to think about, but actually rooted in the new reality of the 21st century. Similar to the way trained journalists are becoming less necessary in today’s media hungry … Continue reading

Why I think CES matters

After the Consumer Electronics Show binge in Las Vegas last week, the guilt and remorse settle in — kind of like the day after Thanksgiving.  Was it too big?  Too flashy?  Why did we collectively gorge on stuff that we … Continue reading

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