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Why Online Privacy Might Actually be Getting Better (for now)

Edward Snowden might just about have had enough Caramel Pecanbons® from his friendly Russian airport Cinnabon but the debate on what data governments should be allowed to collect rages on. For the vast majority of law-abiding citizens, however, the main … Continue reading

4 Things I Learned From 10 Years at Microsoft

It arrived via interoffice mail in a plain cardboard box. My Microsoft 10 year service award. A 6-pound shard of solid glass. It somewhat resembled the obelisk on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Presence. Its weight was metaphorical as well: … Continue reading

Mobile is the Hot Topic at Geekwire Birthday Event

Happy Birthday Geekwire! It’s been just one year since Todd Bishop and John Cook launched the tech blog Geekwire. To celebrate a successful freshman year, Geekwire invited several of the top names in tech to join them and several hundred … Continue reading

Is a Microsoft App in the Works Racist?

A Microsoft App in the works called “Pedestrian Route Production,” that would provide the user walking directions around a city that avoid “unsafe neighborhood[s],”  has been deemed racist by an number of organizations, notably the NAACP of Dallas. Dallas NAACP … Continue reading

Why There Isn’t a Digital Moleskine

Tablet computers, for all their strengths, still fail to do the obvious thing: behave like paper. For this reason, creative professionals who write, sketch, or prototype by hand still carry Meads or Moleskines along with their gadgets. Why isn’t digital … Continue reading

Your Phone Was Probably Made in a Sweatshop

Like any devout follower, writer and performer Mike Daisey was reluctant to ask questions about his favorite religion—the church of Apple. A self-professed gadget freak and number one fan of the ubiquitous technology company, Daisey’s reluctance is probably familiar to … Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2010 For Free

Microsoft recently announced that Office 2010 consumer version will soon be available for free: Office Web Apps. This might just make Google start sweating. If not, it should. Continue reading

Murdoch, Microsoft Talk “Exclusive Search”

Google holds 71% of the search market; Bing, 10% (chart). Cory Doctorow has a clear crystal ball. Earlier this month, Rupert Murdoch accused Google of stealing his content and threatened to cut the search giant off. Cory guessed that Murdoch … Continue reading

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