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Not Your Daddy’s Mobile Show: Report from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

By John du Pre Gauntt (@media_dojo) Walking around the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week in Barcelona, I couldn’t decide whether I was at a mobile telecom show, a car show, a medical device show or a health and fitness … Continue reading

Seattle 3.0

If Seattle 1.0 represents lumber and trade and Seattle 2.0 is synonymous with aerospace and technology, what does the future hold for Seattle 3.0? A building that produces its own water, an app that records HQ footage of a concert … Continue reading

GeekWire Summit: Crystal Balls and Awe

This year’s GeekWire Summit, kicked off by cofounders John Cook and Todd Bishop, covered the major bases in tech world news and trends. In a world where a slump in innovation means becoming insignificant, it’s not surprising that most panels … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Bumbershoot

The Bumbershoot Music Festival has been a staple of the Seattle arts scene For 43 Years. With a variety of acts ranging from comedy to spoken word to visual art to music, it is North America’s Largest Urban arts fest, … Continue reading

Ok, Cupid…

When I moved to Seattle a little under two years ago, I (much like many other Seattlites already had) joined OKCupid. I was new in town, didn’t really know anyone and was looking to meet someone to, ya know, hang … Continue reading

Seattle Startup Weekend, Maker Edition: “Beer Runs for Technology”

Who among us cannot say that we’d like to attend an event where Unicorns are invited? That unique opportunity presented itself on this past Friday night with the first Seattle Startup Weekend Maker Edition. Unlike previous Startup Weekend events, where … Continue reading

What’s in an App? How Dropbox killed the Nokia Lumia 928

Verizon Wireless: 1 point.  Samsung Galaxy/Android: 1 point.  Windows Phone: 0 points. My phone (Droid X2) was making my life miserable. Lost calls, random crashing, battery drain, internal storage malfunction, failure to start apps or even start calls! Yes, seriously, … Continue reading

MCDM Announces Social Marketing Course

by Vanessa Au, UW Communications Department Social Media Analytics and the Measurement of Social Marketing Success” is a new course offered by the UW Master of Communication in Digital Media program that introduces students to the fundamentals of social media analytics … Continue reading

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