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Getting to Know You: Make Connections While Making the Grade

Walking home from the grocery store this past Sunday, I listened with interest to an NPR radio piece on relationship between the chosen majors of recent college graduates and their employability. The piece highlighted the need for more thoughtful career … Continue reading

Your Phone Was Probably Made in a Sweatshop

Like any devout follower, writer and performer Mike Daisey was reluctant to ask questions about his favorite religion—the church of Apple. A self-professed gadget freak and number one fan of the ubiquitous technology company, Daisey’s reluctance is probably familiar to … Continue reading

The New Face of Nonprofit Journalism Isn’t Pretty

The nonprofit journalism organization I work for, the Common Language Project, now has some unexpected company. The New York Times reported Friday that the IRS has granted nonprofit tax-exempt status to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. You might remember O’Keefe as … Continue reading

Mobile News Apps – Ross Reynolds

As everyone who follows news closely has noticed, the big breaking news story is easily available. If you are on any social network following news outlets or have news hound friends, the bare facts of the major stories (Michael Jackson … Continue reading

Journalism on the Brink: Video

Journalism faces an unprecedented existentialist crisis, due to the economy, new digital platforms, and dwindling advertising revenues.  In collaboration with the Online News Association and the UW Journalism program, we hosted this forward-looking forum on potential future models of news.

Jump on the Bandwagon

Wonder how the housing market folded?  Friends of Ira Glass explain how the financial crisis happened in his audio file, Giant Pool of Money at This American Life I caught this audible podcast episode early last summer as I … Continue reading

Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

I first heard of Gever Tulley and his Tinkering School a couple of months ago on the NPR news program, All Things Considered. Any body who wants to put power tools, fire, and knives into the hands of children is … Continue reading

140 voices ‘Twitter’ing – one story line

posted by Sidnee Heard on NPR this week: A collaborative story is being created by middle school students from across the globe using Each student is using the same account to contribute their 140 (or less) characters. Contributions are … Continue reading

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