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Art of Manju: Must-try Japanese Sweets in Seattle

Special to Flip the Media by Claire Qin Li, Cohort 2013 Many people asked me how I found Umai Do Japanese Sweets in Seattle. The answer is Google and Yelp. I moved to Seattle in September 2013. Yes, only a … Continue reading

A Streetcar That’s Desired

Special to Flip the Media by John Hellriegel, Cohort 2012 I reminisce about the days I lived on Capital Hill. Everything was a short walk away. The parks, the food, and the entertainment could be reached by a wonderful stroll … Continue reading

Startups in the Raw – First Look Forum Revisited (#FLF2013)

Live-tweeting and reporting from Northwest Entrepreneur Network’s (NWEN) First Look Forum were Carolyn Higgins and Jennifer Burns. Storify compilation by Daimon Eklund. You have five minutes to pitch your start-up business to a crowd of judges, hosts, peers and investors…GO! … Continue reading

Seattle 3.0 – and Up

Yesterday we ran an article about the recent Seattle Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. This morning we’re leading off with this recap video. Inspired? Much more is happening in Seattle’s golden tech and arts world right now. Watch for our … Continue reading

Seattle 3.0

If Seattle 1.0 represents lumber and trade and Seattle 2.0 is synonymous with aerospace and technology, what does the future hold for Seattle 3.0? A building that produces its own water, an app that records HQ footage of a concert … Continue reading

“Creativity is the New Literacy” — Chase Jarvis Stirs up the Crowd at GeekWire Summit 2013

  Seattle-based GeekWire billed its 2013 Summit as “the premier technology conference in the Pacific Northwest”. That was not hyperbole: Over the course of the day the spare, ordinary-looking GeekWire Summit 2013 stage at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel transformed into an … Continue reading

GeekWire Summit: Crystal Balls and Awe

This year’s GeekWire Summit, kicked off by cofounders John Cook and Todd Bishop, covered the major bases in tech world news and trends. In a world where a slump in innovation means becoming insignificant, it’s not surprising that most panels … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Bumbershoot

The Bumbershoot Music Festival has been a staple of the Seattle arts scene For 43 Years. With a variety of acts ranging from comedy to spoken word to visual art to music, it is North America’s Largest Urban arts fest, … Continue reading

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