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Seattle Bike Polo: Creating and Keeping a Thriving Community in the 206

By Connie Rock, Cohort 12 If you’ve spent any time at Cal Anderson or Judkins Park in Seattle, you might have seen them. Intrepid cyclists with mad bike handling skills, they ride rapidly across a cement court, and can stop, … Continue reading

Charettes: Jump on This Cart With Your Transmedia Story

This article is cross-posted from the Washington Filmworks blog. When Scott Macklin visited our Advanced Multimedia Storytelling class in the University of Washington’s Communications Leadership (Comm Lead) graduate program to introduce the idea of participating in a charette, I have … Continue reading

An Anatomy of Timeless Content

I know that this video is nothing new and that using a flash mob in advertising is commonplace, but when I came across this video while browsing videos today, I was reminded of the power of great content. Though the … Continue reading

Art of Manju: Must-try Japanese Sweets in Seattle

Special to Flip the Media by Claire Qin Li, Cohort 2013 Many people asked me how I found Umai Do Japanese Sweets in Seattle. The answer is Google and Yelp. I moved to Seattle in September 2013. Yes, only a … Continue reading

A Passion for Puppets

When I walked into the first day of Alex Stonehill and Sarah Stuteville’s Advanced Multimedia Storytelling class, I had no idea what my subject for the quarter would be. Then as the class went around the table, pitching possible stories … Continue reading

Trending Now: #YourStory

Stories have the power to to change the world, and it has never been easier to get our stories out there. In today’s fast-paced, content-driven world, the first steps to using story to enact great change are simple: create compelling … Continue reading

Zeega- a New Form of Interactive Media?

We’re all familiar with the recent explosion of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) as a pop culture mainstay thanks, in part, to platforms like Tumblr and websites like BuzzFeed. In some ways, the GIF is the literal definition of a … Continue reading

Content roles: So…what do you do, exactly?

One of the most crucial content challenges to resolve is effective coordination of everyone involved in creating, publishing, and distributing content—and that’s likely to be almost everyone in your organization. A few years ago, a hive of content-related job titles … Continue reading

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