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Thinking About Why Seniors are the Fastest Growing Group on Social Media

I set aside time on New Year’s Day to catch-up on reading, which seems like such a luxury these days. Recent posts on Flip the Media were on my list of must-reads. Katya Yefimova’s post, Why Seniors are Social Media’s … Continue reading

10 New Tech-related Thoughts I Must Share After My Trip to San Francisco

Last week, I attended GigaOm’s Roadmap 2013 (“The Intersection of Design & Experience) in San Francisco. It featured high level talks with tech leaders, including the founders of Twitter, Tinder and Instagram. I also enjoyed a tour of Facebook HQ … Continue reading

Top Five Ways to Be Social at #SIC2013

  After weeks of Timmy the mascot taunting us – SIC is here. You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get dirty with digital. Here are our top  five tips to get … Continue reading

Up Next: Seattle Interactive Conference

Seattle in October is a socially-inclined techie’s dream. From NWEN’s (Northwest Entrepreneur Network) Entrepreneur University and GeekGirlCon in mid-October, there is barely a day that doesn’t offer up an opportunity to see a panel discussion about future trends in technology … Continue reading

Seattle 3.0

If Seattle 1.0 represents lumber and trade and Seattle 2.0 is synonymous with aerospace and technology, what does the future hold for Seattle 3.0? A building that produces its own water, an app that records HQ footage of a concert … Continue reading

It’s Social Media Monday

Today dawned in the Pacific Northwest to blustery weather and the news of various developments in the high tech industry. It’s fitting that on the first day of the work week – or Social Media Monday, as so many companies … Continue reading

GeekWire Summit: Crystal Balls and Awe

This year’s GeekWire Summit, kicked off by cofounders John Cook and Todd Bishop, covered the major bases in tech world news and trends. In a world where a slump in innovation means becoming insignificant, it’s not surprising that most panels … Continue reading

Technology Events in the Northwest: A Fall Feast

Summer is showing no sign of packing up and leaving anytime soon weather wise, but the fall conference circuit is already underway. Visitors to this space have recently read about PAX, the attendant controversy, and Bumbershoot. We’re expecting somewhat more … Continue reading

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