Meet The Flip Team

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team
to really mess things up.”

Connie Rock, Editor

Connie Rock


Connie Rock was trained as a journalist, earning her first masters at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, with a specific focus on political reporting. Before entering the Communication Leadership program, she pursued various roles in her career, including a stint as a marketing writer for a boutique expedition cruise company, which sparked a love of travel and subsequent adventures in far-flung places. As one of Flip the Media’s newest editors, she is interested in the impact of digital media coverage on our understanding of international issues and how digital media can be used for social good. Read all her posts here.

Carolyn Higgins, Contributor

Carolyn Higgins


Carolyn Higgins started her career in the technology world as a project manager in healthcare information systems. Deciding to follow her perennial fascination with the abstract, she graduated from the Communications Leadership program and until recently, was the managing editor of Flip the Media. The impact of the digital world on society and culture, environmental and global health issues are her coverage focus. In her elusive spare time, she explores the outdoors with her family, experiments with photography and film, and makes art quilts. She reads everything from classic literature to periodicals ranging from “Outside” to “The New Yorker.” Read all her posts here.


Lance Trueb, Writer

Lance Trueb


Lance spends his days building a beautiful brand and leading a team of 16 people at Storyville Coffee Company in Queen Anne. At night, all that caffeine keeps him awake to fuel his efforts in the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington. Between work and school, he spends time with teammate and wife, Meaghan, exploring the best Happy Hours in the city or escaping to the nearby woods or waters for much needed adventure time. 

Hanns-Peter Nagel, Contributor

Hanns-Peter Nagel


Hanns-Peter started his career as a journalist in his native Germany. After moving to the US, he turned his attention to strategic communication with an increasing focus on digital media. Before entering the CommLead program, he was the marketing coordinator for the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing at the University of Wisconsin. For Flip he looks at new developments in content strategy, web design trends, digital policy issues and more. He is responsible for Flip’s new look and it takes him forever to pick a font. Read all his posts here.

Fritz Kessler, Editor

Fritz Kessler


Fritz Kessler career hopped from music to restaurants, to personal injury law, to database administrator, before his current role in product marketing for a boutique tech firm in Seattle.  As a graduate student with the Communication Leadership program, he’s awed by the creative power of his classmates, and fascinated by the intersection where digital savvy and accessibility meets timeless storytelling.  As a pop culture consumer, he devours music and movie journalism like candy, and is also contributor at  As a carbon-based unit, he lives for chicken and waffles, and, as a Seattleite, he can be found regularly at Linda’s for Sunday brunch. Read all his posts here.