Meet The Flip Team

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team
to really mess things up.”

Alex Stonehill, Advisor

Alex Stonehill


Alex is a cofounder and Editor in Chief of The Seattle Globalist. He also teaches in the Communication Leadership graduate program and is the Artist in Residence at the Communication Department of the University of Washington.  He has a background as a visual journalist and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Syria, Ethiopia and Pakistan. His work has been published by PBS, The Seattle Times, FRONTLINE/World and the Seattle Weekly. He recently directed the award-winning documentary BARZAN and he teaches journalism in the University of Washington’s Department of Communication.

Alejandro Almendras IV, Multimedia Editor

Alejandro Almendras IV

Multimedia Editor

Alejandro or Lj is from the Philippines with a communications and marketing professional background. His recent stint was with Edelman Vietnam, a global PR firm. He moved to Seattle to join the Communication Leadership graduate program at UW. He is taking the digital media track and supports Flip the Media as its multimedia editor.

Ari Adachi, Editor

Ari Adachi


Ari Adachi is a Communications Leadership graduate student focusing on Content Strategy. When she’s not in class or writing for Flip the Media, she can usually be found exploring the Pacific Northwest in a ramshackle kayak or gushing over David Sedaris’ latest writing.