Canelo Álvarez’s Alleged Infidelity: Controversial Message to Actress Veronica Montes Unveiled

Recently, Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez found himself at the heart of a media sensation when the hosts of the “Chisme No Like” YouTube show disclosed a seemingly suggestive message he had sent to Verónica Montes, a well-known actress from “El Señor de los Cielos.” This revelation sparked significant controversy online, with many people speculating about the intent behind the message.

The online community was quick to debate the implications of the message, with many suggesting that the communication might not necessarily indicate an interest in Montes on Álvarez’s part.

During a live broadcast, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain presented what they claimed was a message from “El Canelo” to Montes, consisting simply of a greeting. This disclosure led to widespread speculation about the boxer’s intentions.

Ceriani remarked on the revelation, suggesting it was the first substantial piece of evidence that Álvarez might be seeking companionship outside of his marriage, though concrete proof had been absent until then.

The program also teased an upcoming interview with Montes, who later joined via video call, unaware of the provocative questions awaiting her. Initially, she had agreed to discuss her upcoming film project.

Throughout the interview, Ceriani and Beristain frequently probed Montes about the authenticity of the message. They revealed that a “close person” to Montes had shared the message with them. Despite the pressure, Montes attempted to remain diplomatic, emphasizing the commonality of receiving messages from various individuals, which doesn’t necessarily imply anything more significant.

Montes highlighted her principle of not engaging with married men and underscored her focus on her professional rather than romantic or social liaisons on social media. She maintained her stance even as the hosts pushed for more sensational disclosures.

The conversation eventually shifted away from the controversial message to Montes’s personal life, where she shared her contentment with being single and focused on her career, hoping to find the right person in due time.

The audience’s reaction to the unfolding drama was mixed, with some criticizing the show’s hosts for exaggerating and fabricating controversies to gain followers. Many dismissed the importance of the message, while others joked about the overinterpretation of a simple greeting.

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