Carolina Sandoval’s Message to Kerly Ruiz After Univision Role Shift

This Monday, May 13, Univision’s show “¡Siéntese quien pueda!” kicked off with two new faces, hosts Jorge Bernal and Venezuelan Carolina Sandoval. Their inclusion in the show has stirred quite a buzz on social media, especially since they are replacing Vanessa Arias and Kerly Ruíz.

Viewers were taken aback by the significant changes the renowned Miami-based channel made, sparking a flurry of speculation across media and social networks. Some suggest that the well-known “Veneno” might have edged out her fellow countrywoman for the position.

In response to the cascade of rumors, the bold and controversial Carolina took to her Instagram account to set the record straight regarding her relationship with the former presenter of Venevisión’s magazine show “Portadas.” Carolina shared an excerpt from an interview she had previously given for Ruiz’s podcast, “Sin drama no hay show,” along with a message. “Kerly is a woman full of virtues and countless qualities. Our meeting was wonderful, marked by respect and professionalism,” she wrote.

Furthermore, the so-called “Queen of Waist Trainers” boasted about the talent Venezuela has produced in the field of communications. Following the post, Kerly did not hesitate to reply, commenting, “What beautiful words.”

Carolina also made other statements, saying, “When one door closes, a thousand windows open. I regret that when someone arrives, someone has to leave, it does not make me happy to see people removed,” indicating her unease with the departure of Arias and her compatriot.

Although the 38-year-old Caracas native, Kerly, has not made any public comments following her exit from the show, she has used her Instagram to showcase a new look she adopted as part of a beauty campaign she undertook in Mexico.

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