New Netflix Series Set to Become an All-Time Hit

Netflix continues to strengthen its position as a leader in delivering high-quality content with weekly releases that keep viewers engaged. Among its offerings, there’s a historical series that has been in the catalog for months but is attracting increasing attention from the audience.

A certain production stands out amidst Netflix’s trend-setting series like “Baby Reindeer” and “The Asunta Case”, and movies such as “Smile” and “The Postman”. This talked-about show is “The Doctor Garcia’s Patients”.

Originating from Spain, this series made its way to Netflix in 2023, featuring a total of 10 episodes, each about an hour long. Directed by Joan Noguera, the show is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel by Almudena Grandes, published in 2017.

The adaptation of “The Doctor Garcia’s Patients” has received unanimous praise from critics, much like its novel counterpart. The series is lauded for its faithful representation of Grandes’ work and its success in bringing the depth of the plot and characters to life on screen.

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