Who’s Leaving ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ May 19: Polls & Spoilers Say

Since its inception on January 23, featuring 23 celebrities ready for anything, “La Casa de los Famosos” has evolved into an emotional roller coaster. With the grand finale scheduled for Monday, May 20, just days away, fans are eagerly waiting to see who will emerge as the ultimate champion. However, following Paulo Quevedo’s departure last Thursday, the contestants are gearing up for another elimination gala, with signs pointing towards Aleska Génesis being the next to leave the reality show.

After José Reyes “La Melaza” and Paulo Quevedo were eliminated on Monday and Thursday of this week, only six candidates remain in the running. Yet, this Sunday sees another elimination round, this time a semifinal, leaving just five contestants with a chance to win on May 20.

In social media, fans are vocal about their favorite contestants. At this latest elimination gala, where the participant with the fewest votes will be eliminated, it appears Aleska Génesis might be the one to go. According to the account @LaCasaFamososUS on X (formerly Twitter) with over 50,000 followers, she’s trailing at the last place with only 3% of the votes among the finalists.

The Venezuelan model narrowly avoided elimination last Thursday, securing just enough votes to stay, edging out Paulo Quevedo who ended up leaving the show. Aleska Génesis’s continuation in the game was only celebrated by her ally Lupillo Rivera, while the rest of the group sadly bid farewell to the Mexican actor.

Meanwhile, polls on social media suggest Rodrigo Romeh is the frontrunner to win the grand prize of 200,000 dollars. Nonetheless, Maripily Rivera and Lupillo Rivera also enjoy significant support on social media, making the outcome for the final on May 20 completely unpredictable.

Aleska Génesis has experienced a particularly challenging journey in the house. From the start, she has fought to earn her place among the public’s favorites but has faced numerous elimination rounds, surviving by a slender margin in most. Although she has managed to stay in the competition until the final stretch of the program, her journey might end at Sunday’s elimination gala.

Lupillo Rivera’s position in the game could be impacted by the exit of his ally. His support for the Venezuelan model has been clear; thus, her potential elimination might force him to reassess his strategy. Nevertheless, Rivera has proven to be a strong player in his own right, positioning him as one of the favorites to win despite being seen as a villain.

As the finalists’ list narrows down to six, the final decision rests in the hands of the public. They will determine their favorite celebrities’ fate through positive votes at key moments throughout the week:

It’s important to note that only residents of the United States and Puerto Rico can participate in the voting to save a contestant. While elimination galas typically occur on Mondays, this special week will see the elimination happen on Sunday, following Patricia Corcino’s departure and heightening anticipation for who will be the next to leave the famous reality show from Telemundo ahead of the grand finale.

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