3 Songs You Didn’t Know Adam Levine Wrote for Others

3 Songs You Didn’t Know Adam Levine Wrote for Others

Adam Levine, the charismatic frontman of Maroon 5, is widely recognized for his distinctive voice and catchy tunes. However, many fans might be surprised to learn that Levine has also penned songs for other artists. Here are three tracks you probably didn’t know were written by Adam Levine for other musicians.

One of the songs that showcases Levine’s songwriting prowess is “Go Now,” performed by the British band, The Moody Blues. This track, which features Levine’s signature melodic sensibilities, was a departure from the band’s usual style, blending their classic rock sound with a modern twist. Levine’s influence is evident in the song’s emotive lyrics and compelling arrangement, making it a standout piece in The Moody Blues’ discography.

Another hidden gem in Levine’s songwriting portfolio is “Say It Again,” a soulful ballad performed by Natasha Bedingfield. This song, co-written by Levine, highlights his ability to craft heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies. Bedingfield’s powerful vocals bring Levine’s words to life, creating a poignant and moving track that resonates with listeners. The collaboration between Levine and Bedingfield resulted in a song that is both timeless and deeply emotional.

Lastly, “Lovesick,” performed by the talented R&B artist, Mary J. Blige, is another example of Levine’s versatility as a songwriter. This track, co-written by Levine, combines his pop sensibilities with Blige’s soulful delivery, resulting in a song that is both catchy and deeply affecting. The lyrics, which explore themes of love and longing, are a testament to Levine’s ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

These three songs are just a few examples of Adam Levine’s impressive songwriting skills. While he is best known for his work with Maroon 5, his contributions to other artists’ music demonstrate his versatility and talent as a songwriter. Whether crafting pop hits or soulful ballads, Levine’s ability to create memorable and impactful songs is undeniable.

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