50 Cent Advocates for Black Entrepreneurs in Liquor Industry on Capitol Hill

50 Cent Advocates for Black Entrepreneurs in Liquor Industry on Capitol Hill

50 Cent Advocates for Black Entrepreneurs in Liquor Industry on Capitol Hill

In a surprising move, 50 Cent, accompanied by attorney Ben Crump, made a significant visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The duo aimed to address the wealth gap for Black entrepreneurs and advocate for increased representation in the luxury liquor industry. This visit comes amidst 50 Cent’s ongoing legal battle with Suntory Global Spirits, which he accuses of being involved in an embezzlement scheme.

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, has always been a dynamic figure in the business world. On June 5, the rapper and producer, aged 48, took his advocacy to Washington, D.C., to push for more opportunities for Black business owners in the spirits industry. The Hill reported that Jackson and Crump engaged with lawmakers to discuss bridging the wealth gap and creating more space for Black-owned liquor brands.

“Mr. Jackson is one of the most successful Black entrepreneurs in America,” Crump stated. “We’re here today to talk about how he’s trying to knock down barriers of equal access and equal opportunity to have a seat at the table in all industries.”

During his Capitol Hill visit, 50 Cent expressed his excitement about the discussions. “This is really exciting for me. I got a chance to meet with both sides today, and it feels really good,” he said. He noted the significance of getting bipartisan attention, adding, “They don’t agree on a lot of stuff, and so to get them to agree on seeing me was an accomplishment in itself.”

Following the visit, Jackson shared his positive experience, stating, “My experience here has been great. I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody, and it’s really exciting. The response I got makes me feel that there are bright days ahead of us.”

50 Cent’s advocacy is not just about his personal business interests but also about paving the way for other Black entrepreneurs in the luxury spirits industry. He owns Sire Spirits, which produces brands like Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi Champagne. His legal battle with Suntory Global Spirits, one of the world’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages, has been a significant part of his recent endeavors. Jackson alleges that the company was involved in an embezzlement scheme that cost his brand millions of dollars.

Before his Capitol Hill visit, 50 Cent took to social media to announce his mission. “I’m off to DC to talk to the Congressional Black Caucus about how @SuntoryGlobal has damaged my business,” he wrote on X. He has been vocal about his grievances with Suntory Global Spirits, formerly known as Beam Suntory, accusing them of overcharging his company and taking kickbacks amounting to $6 million.

In March, Jackson posted a clip of a FOX 5 NY report about the allegations against Suntory Global Spirits on Instagram, vowing that the company would “pay for what they did.” He emphasized the financial burden the legal battle has placed on him, stating, “These big companies think they can get away with anything. It has cost me millions in legal fees. They are gonna find out I’m not the one you want to play with.”

Suntory Global Spirits has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. In a statement to PEOPLE, the company said, “[Suntory Global Spirits] had no involvement in or knowledge of the fraudulent activity alleged in the complaint, and any allegation to the contrary has no basis in fact. It is undisputed that we honored all prior obligations to Mr. Jackson and Sire Spirits, and it is very unfortunate that the parties involved continue to misrepresent the facts and misdirect blame in an attempt to recover fees and damages.”

Despite the ongoing legal battle, 50 Cent remains focused on his mission to increase opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in the liquor industry. His visit to Capitol Hill was a step towards raising awareness and pushing for change. He shared photos of himself with various lawmakers, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, California Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Georgia Congresswoman Nekima Williams.

Jackson’s advocacy highlights the challenges Black entrepreneurs face in the luxury spirits industry, an industry that generates billions of dollars. By pushing for more representation and opportunities, 50 Cent hopes to create a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

As he continues his fight for justice and fairness, 50 Cent’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of Black entrepreneurs. His efforts on Capitol Hill are a significant step towards breaking down barriers and ensuring that Black-owned businesses have a seat at the table in all industries.

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