90 Day Fiancé alum Annie Suwan 30 is pregnant with first baby by husband David Toborowsky 54 eight years after their TV debut

90 Day Fiancé alum Annie Suwan 30 is pregnant with first baby by husband David Toborowsky 54 eight years after their TV debut

The 90 Day Fiancé family is about to get a little bigger! Annie Suwan, 30, and her husband David Toborowsky, 54, are expecting their first child together, eight years after their memorable debut on the popular reality TV show. The couple, who have been fan favorites since their appearance on the show, shared the joyous news with their followers in a heartwarming video posted on Instagram on Friday, July 5.

Annie and David’s journey has been one of the most talked-about storylines in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Their love story began when David, a Kentucky native, traveled to Thailand and met Annie in a karaoke bar. Despite facing numerous challenges, including financial difficulties and cultural differences, the couple’s love for each other prevailed, and they tied the knot in November 2017.

In the Instagram video, Annie, glowing with happiness, expressed her excitement about becoming a mother. “I just want to update you on some very exciting news,” she said, beaming. “David and I are expecting our first baby together! We are over the moon and can’t wait to meet our little one.”

David, who has always been vocal about his love and admiration for Annie, also shared his joy in the video. “This is a dream come true for us,” he said. “Annie is going to be an amazing mother, and I can’t wait to embark on this new journey with her.”

The couple’s announcement was met with an outpouring of love and support from fans and fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members. Many took to social media to congratulate the couple and share their excitement for the new addition to the Toborowsky family.

Annie and David’s journey to parenthood has not been without its challenges. The couple has been open about their struggles with infertility and the emotional toll it has taken on them. In a previous interview, Annie revealed that they had been trying to conceive for several years and had even considered adoption.

“We have been through a lot together, and there were times when we thought it might not happen for us,” Annie said. “But we never gave up hope, and now our dream is finally coming true.”

David echoed Annie’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and faith. “We have always believed that everything happens for a reason,” he said. “This baby is a blessing, and we are so grateful for this opportunity to become parents.”

The couple’s announcement comes at a time when they are also celebrating other milestones in their lives. David recently graduated with a master’s degree in teaching, and Annie has been busy building her own business, selling handmade Thai crafts and cooking classes.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple has always made time for each other and prioritized their relationship. Their love and commitment to each other have been evident throughout their journey, and fans have admired their resilience and unwavering support for one another.

As they prepare to welcome their first child, Annie and David are looking forward to the future with excitement and anticipation. They have already started making plans for the baby’s arrival, including setting up a nursery and choosing names.

“We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives,” Annie said. “We can’t wait to meet our little one and shower them with love and affection.”

David added, “This baby is a testament to our love and the strength of our relationship. We are ready to take on this new adventure together and create beautiful memories as a family.”

The couple’s journey to parenthood is a testament to their love, perseverance, and unwavering faith. As they prepare to welcome their first child, fans are eagerly awaiting updates and looking forward to seeing the next chapter in Annie and David’s love story.

Source: Us Weekly

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