Aespa and NewJeans Dominate SNS with Mutual Dance Challenge

Aespa and NewJeans Dominate SNS with Mutual Dance Challenge

Aespa and NewJeans Dominate SNS with Mutual Dance Challenge

Currently, the most buzzworthy K-pop terms on social media are ‘NewSpa’ and ‘AeJeans’.

The unexpected collaboration between the girl groups aespa and NewJeans has taken over global social networks.

This surge in popularity stems from their recent song releases and a ‘mutual help challenge’ featuring short videos of key choreography performed in a ‘2:2 member exchange’ format. The unique pairing of members from different, even rival, agencies has thrilled fans, leading to a massive number of views.

Observing the collaboration closely, the harmony is so seamless that fans have coined the terms ‘NewSpa’ and ‘AeJeans’ to describe the blend of aespa and NewJeans.

Aespa’s new song ‘Armageddon’ was released on their official social media in the ‘NewSpa version,’ while NewJeans’ new track ‘How Sweet’ was unveiled on their channel in the ‘AeJins version.’ Interestingly, the ‘Armageddon’ video was shot at SM Entertainment’s office, and the ‘How Sweet’ video at HYBE’s headquarters, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

This unprecedented collaboration through social media challenges between these two groups has become a hot topic, rooted in a shared history involving the ‘HYBE-Min Hee-jin internal conflict’ that has shaken the industry since April. NewJeans, part of ADOR, was inevitably mentioned due to the management conflict, while aespa found themselves unexpectedly involved during Min Hee-jin’s press conference.

Despite concerns about potential awkwardness between the two groups, they proved everyone wrong with the ‘2:2 member exchange SNS challenge,’ showcasing a strengthened camaraderie.

The ‘NewSpa version’ of ‘Armageddon’ and the ‘AeJins version’ of ‘How Sweet’ quickly topped trending search terms on global social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), demonstrating the powerful synergy between aespa and NewJeans.

In the ‘Armageddon’ video, NewJeans members Minji and Haerin teamed up with aespa’s Karina and Giselle, while in ‘How Sweet,’ aespa members Winter and Ningning joined NewJeans’ Hanni and Danielle, showcasing exceptional harmony.

These two leading K-pop teams are currently enjoying their career-high seasons, demonstrating unparalleled activity and success.

Both groups share a common trait: every comeback sets a new peak.

Aespa is experiencing massive success with their first full-length album ‘Armageddon,’ while NewJeans has achieved their fourth consecutive million-seller with their new single album ‘How Sweet,’ maintaining their status as top-tier K-pop artists.

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