AKMU Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Special Figure Album and New Merchandise

AKMU Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Special Figure Album and New Merchandise

The sibling duo AKMU, also known as Akdong Musician, is marking a significant milestone in their career. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, they are set to release a special figure album that promises to be a unique treat for their fans.

According to YG Entertainment, AKMU has meticulously crafted a ’10th Anniversary Figure Album – Limited Edition.’ This special edition album is a heartfelt gesture from the duo to thank their fans for their unwavering support over the past decade.

The album will be available in two distinct versions: ‘CUPID VER’ and ‘FLY VER.’ Each version will feature 10 songs that revolve around the themes of love and dreams. The tracklists have been personally curated by the AKMU members, ensuring a nostalgic journey through their musical evolution. The songs span from their debut album ‘PLAY’ to their third mini-album ‘LOVE EPISODE,’ offering a comprehensive look at their artistic growth.

What sets this album apart is its innovative format. Instead of a traditional CD, the album is produced in figure form. Fans will recognize the beloved Cupid character from the ‘Love Lee’ album and the ‘Dream of Fry’ character, both of which have been reimagined as collectible figures. The album package includes the figure, a curation note, character stickers, and a QR guide, making it a must-have for any AKMU enthusiast.

In addition to the figure album, AKMU is also launching new merchandise to commemorate their 10th anniversary. This includes items related to their ‘2024 AKMU 10th Anniversary Concert [10VE]’ and their third mini-album ‘LOVE EPISODE.’ Fans can also look forward to updated versions of the popular ‘Dream of Fry’ merchandise, which was a hit during their nationwide tour ‘AKMUTOPIA.’

The figure album and the new merchandise will be available for purchase at the concert venue booths on the 15th and 16th at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Arena) in Seoul. This offers fans a unique opportunity to get their hands on these limited-edition items while enjoying AKMU’s live performances.

This 10th-anniversary celebration is not just a milestone for AKMU but also a testament to their enduring bond with their fans. The special figure album and new merchandise are a perfect way to honor this relationship, offering fans a tangible piece of AKMU’s journey over the past decade.

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