Alexa Carlos PenaVega Felt ‘Supernatural Peace’ After Losing Baby ‘Don’t Know How People Do It Without God’

Alexa Carlos PenaVega Felt ‘Supernatural Peace’ After Losing Baby ‘Don’t Know How People Do It Without God’

Alexa Carlos PenaVega Felt ‘Supernatural Peace’ After Losing Baby ‘Don’t Know How People Do It Without God’

Alexa PenaVega recently shared an emotional update on her family’s journey following the stillbirth of their daughter, Indy. The actress took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the overwhelming support and prayers they have received during this difficult time.

“We’re doing well, considering everything,” Alexa said in a heartfelt video. “The messages of support and prayers have been a lifeline for us. I can’t imagine how we would have navigated this season without the community lifting us up in prayer.”

Alexa described the experience as the most traumatic event her family has ever faced. Despite the immense pain, she found solace in witnessing how God moved through their lives during this period. “We’ve felt a lot of pain, but also an incredible amount of peace. God’s supernatural peace has covered us, meeting us in this place between pain and peace,” she shared.

Reflecting on the loss, Alexa spoke about the concept of “pain with purpose.” She revealed that her health significantly declined after losing Indy, and doctors struggled to identify the cause. “It was a challenging season, but I surrendered to God in a way I never had before. I prayed, ‘God, give this pain purpose. Don’t let it go to waste,'” she recounted.

Indy’s brief life had a profound impact on the PenaVega family. “Our family has never been stronger. My faith and marriage have never been stronger. Indy’s life was purposeful, even though she never took a breath on Earth,” Alexa said. She emphasized that while it’s hard to understand why such tragedies occur, she believes God prepares and equips us for the enemy’s attacks.

Alexa and her husband, Carlos, announced the loss of their daughter in April. In a joint statement, they expressed their grief and gratitude for the moments they had with Indy. “Grief has come in waves. Moments of feeling absolutely gutted, then moments of feeling blessed by just getting a moment with her. Indy Rex PenaVega, you completely changed our world,” they wrote.

On Mother’s Day, Alexa shared a touching message for all mothers, acknowledging those with children in their arms and those with heavenly angels. “Happy Mama’s day to all the beautiful mamas out there. Whether you have your little angels in your arms today or little heavenly angels or both, may you be lovingly celebrated and feel extra blessed to be right where you are!” she posted on her Instagram Story.

The couple, who also have three other children—Ocean, 7, Kingston, 4, and Rio, 2—often speak about the joys and challenges of parenting. Alexa noted that becoming a parent transforms you into a servant, especially in the early years. “Your life can get harder with more kids, but you learn to adjust. The biggest adjustment is going from zero to one child. Your whole world changes, but I believe it’s for the better,” she said.

A month after announcing Indy’s stillbirth, Alexa provided another update, reiterating how the family’s faith has been their anchor. “We have felt an insane amount of peace. God has met us in this place between pain and peace. It doesn’t make sense other than it is His supernatural peace,” she explained.

Alexa’s words resonated deeply with many, as evidenced by the supportive comments on her post. One follower shared, “Your words… my son was stillborn this past November, and I felt every word you just said. When you’re rooted in the Lord, He gives a peace that doesn’t make sense. It’s incredibly painful, but I believe our children’s lives had and still have so much purpose.”

Another commenter expressed gratitude for Alexa’s message, saying, “Thank you for sharing. It’s so encouraging to know you are feeling our prayers and His peace that surpasses understanding. Indy’s life has become a true blessing to us all.”

Alexa and Carlos, who have been married since 2014, announced they were expecting their fourth child in November 2023. The couple has been open about their journey, sharing both the joys and sorrows with their followers. Despite the heartache, they continue to lean into their faith, finding strength and purpose in their pain.

In their announcement of Indy’s passing, the PenaVegas wrote, “After a beautiful and peaceful delivery, our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest. This little girl has already changed our lives in so many ways. She was absolutely beautiful and looked just like daddy. Dark hair and all.”

As they navigate this challenging season, Alexa and Carlos remain grateful for the support and prayers from their community. They continue to find peace in their faith, trusting that God’s supernatural peace will carry them through.