Alexis Bellino admits she and John Janssen have sex over 4 times daily

Alexis Bellino admits she and John Janssen have sex over 4 times daily

Alexis Bellino, the former star of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” recently made a candid revelation about her relationship with John Janssen. During an appearance on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast, hosted by Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge, Bellino disclosed that she and Janssen engage in sexual activities more than four times a day.

Bellino, 47, expressed her astonishment at the frequency of their intimate moments, stating, “I told him I did not know human anatomy could do this.” She humorously added that she might need to consider vaginal rejuvenation due to their active sex life. The couple’s ability to maintain such a high level of intimacy, she explained, is partly because they spend almost seven nights a week together.

The reality TV star emphasized that this is the best sex of her life. However, she was cautious about discussing the topic too openly, fearing that her children might hear her comments. Bellino and Janssen began their relationship in the fall of 2023 and made it Instagram official on Christmas Day of the same year. Janssen marked the occasion by gifting Bellino a $16,300 promise ring, signaling the seriousness of their relationship.

Since then, Bellino has frequently shared snapshots of their time together on her Instagram page, accompanied by heartfelt love notes. She defended her public displays of affection on the podcast, stating, “I squelched myself for too many years of my life … I’m not throwing it in anyone’s face. Don’t follow me if you don’t wanna see my life.”

Before her relationship with Bellino, Janssen was in a nearly four-year relationship with “RHOC” star Shannon Beador, which ended in November 2022. Bellino, on the other hand, was married to her second husband, Jim Bellino, for 13 years before their divorce in 2018. They share three children: twins Miles and Mackenna, and a son, James. Janssen also has two children from a previous marriage, who seem to get along well with Bellino.

Bellino’s relationship with Janssen has been a topic of interest for fans, especially given Janssen’s past relationship with Beador. The dynamic between Bellino, Janssen, and Beador is expected to be a focal point in the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” which is set to premiere in July.

In a recent interview, Bellino opened up about her and Janssen’s official red carpet debut as a couple at the DirecTV Oscars Viewing Party in Los Angeles. She admitted to feeling nervous due to the judgment they have faced regarding their relationship. “It started as a friendship, formed into more and here we are. [And] social media really can be very evil. So it’s been a lot, but now we just finally decided we’re taking the bull by the horns and going full force,” she said.

Bellino credited the negative criticism for strengthening their bond, stating, “It counteracted what they really wanted to do, which is tear us down, and actually made us stronger.”

The couple’s frequent and passionate intimacy has certainly caught the attention of fans and media alike. Bellino’s openness about her sex life with Janssen has sparked conversations and curiosity, making their relationship one of the most talked-about topics in the reality TV world.

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