Alice Cooper Launches Another Bid for US President

Alice Cooper Launches Another Bid for US President

Alice Cooper has once again thrown his hat into the political ring, announcing his satirical bid for the US presidency. The Detroit-born rock legend, known for his hit song “Elected,” has been humorously campaigning for the highest office in the land since 1972. This year, Cooper has launched a dedicated website, AliceForPresident, and released a short video explaining his candidacy.

In the video, Cooper introduces himself with his trademark wit, saying, “Well, I’m Alice Cooper, and I’m a troubled man for troubled times. I have absolutely no idea what to do, so I should fit right in.” Fans are encouraged to sign up for campaign updates and purchase themed merchandise, including “Super Tuesday” t-shirts. While some may view this as a clever marketing ploy, Cooper’s commitment to the charade is undeniable, having maintained this tradition for decades.

In 2020, Cooper’s campaign slogan was “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing.” In 2016, his Wild Party made waves by simultaneously launching bids for both US president and UK prime minister. His promises included bringing Brian Johnson back to AC/DC and renaming Big Ben to “Big Lemmy.” This playful approach to politics dates back to a promise he made in 2012, when he tweeted about forming a new political party, the Wild Party.

Despite his long-running satirical campaigns, Cooper has consistently emphasized that musicians should steer clear of politics. In a 2016 interview with the Metal Hammer: In Residence On Spotify podcast, he expressed his disdain for the idea, stating, “I absolutely hate it. It’s the worst idea ever. First of all, why do people think rock stars know more than they do? That is the biggest fallacy in the world – if anything we’re dumber. We’re not smarter than anybody else. I mean, why do you think we’re rock stars?”

Cooper’s disdain for mixing rock and politics is evident in his personal habits. He prefers watching “Family Guy” over political news and recalls avoiding political discussions by listening to The Beatles or Rolling Stones. He believes rock ‘n’ roll was created to escape politics, a sentiment he still holds dear.

Currently, Cooper is on his Too Close For Comfort tour, performing across mainland Europe. The tour will return to North America in July, with additional European dates, including UK shows, scheduled for October. Fans can catch him at various venues, from Hamburg’s Stadtpark-Open-Air-Bühne to London’s Eventim Apollo.

Cooper’s presidential bid is more than just a marketing gimmick; it’s a continuation of a long-standing tradition that pokes fun at the political landscape. His 1972 song “Elected” was a satirical take on the political climate of the Nixon era, and it has remained relevant through the years. In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, Cooper reflected on the song’s origins, saying, “In America at that time, we had Richard Nixon, who was the ultimate target. Your President is always a focal point for satire, but Nixon – you couldn’t satirise him enough.”

Despite his satirical approach, Cooper is clear about his stance on musicians and politics. He views figures like Bono, Sting, and Bruce Springsteen as humanitarians rather than political activists. He supports their efforts to raise money for charitable causes but draws the line at musicians telling fans how to vote. “Rock ‘n’ roll is about freedom — and that’s not freedom,” he said.

With the US presidential election just months away, Cooper’s campaign is expected to ramp up. Fans can look forward to more humorous takes on the political process, virtual rallies, and Q&A sessions. As always, Cooper’s campaign promises to be anything but conventional.

For those interested in following Cooper’s satirical run for office, the AliceForPresident website offers a way to stay updated on all campaign-related activities. Whether it’s through merchandise or virtual events, Cooper’s unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll and political satire continues to entertain and engage fans worldwide.

As the election season heats up, one thing is certain: Alice Cooper’s bid for the presidency will be a memorable and entertaining spectacle, staying true to his legacy as the Godfather of Shock Rock.

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