Amazon Studios Expands and Key Insights from Javiera Balmaceda’s Conecta Fiction Masterclass

Amazon Studios Expands and Key Insights from Javiera Balmaceda’s Conecta Fiction Masterclass

In Toledo, Spain, Javiera Balmaceda, Amazon Studios’ head of international originals for Latin America, delivered a compelling masterclass at Conecta Fiction. Despite the challenges of frequent air travel affecting her voice, Balmaceda’s insights were clear and impactful.

Amazon Studios has evolved significantly in the U.S., transitioning from an HBO-style channel to a more mainstream network. Balmaceda highlighted a similar growth trajectory in Latin America. She pointed out that the recently released Mexican crime drama “¿Quién lo Mató?” has become Amazon Studios’ most viewed series in the region, indicating their expanding reach.

True crime has proven to be a successful genre for Amazon Studios in Latin America. Balmaceda showcased the trailer for the upcoming Brazilian true crime thriller “The Park Maniac,” based on a notorious serial killer case. She emphasized that true crime continues to captivate audiences in the region.

Balmaceda also noted the changing attitudes towards national accents in Latin America. She mentioned that one of Prime Video’s early hits, “Sayen,” a Mapuche revenge actioner, has been well-received despite its distinct accent. This shift in audience acceptance is encouraging for future productions.

Contrary to some reports, Amazon Studios is not slowing down. Balmaceda explained that while it might seem like a slowdown, they are actually producing the shows greenlit over the past three years. Greenlights for new projects continue, and the studio is moving full speed ahead.

Balmaceda’s masterclass was a highlight of Conecta Fiction, drawing a standing-room-only crowd. Her success is not just due to her industry connections but also her ability to consistently deliver compelling content. She was first introduced to many at the Platino Awards, where she accepted the award for best film in Spain and Latin America for “Argentina, 1985.” The film resonated with audiences and critics alike, winning a Golden Globe and attracting large audiences on Prime Video.

In summary, Amazon Studios is expanding its footprint in Latin America, with true crime and action thrillers leading the way. Balmaceda’s insights at Conecta Fiction underscore the importance of great storytelling and the studio’s commitment to growth in the region.

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