Angel Reese Shakes The Internet With Her Pregame Outfit

Angel Reese Shakes The Internet With Her Pregame Outfit

The LSU women’s basketball team, defending national champions, showcased their resilience by overcoming a determined Middle Tennessee team with an 83-56 victory on Sunday. This win secured their spot in the Sweet Sixteen. The Tigers, led by Angel Reese and Flau’jae Johnson, executed a nearly flawless final 18 minutes, outscoring the Blue Raiders 51-20 in the second half.

Coach Kim Mulkey addressed the media after the game, dismissing any notion that her recent off-the-court controversy had distracted the team. Mulkey had previously criticized an anticipated unfavorable Washington Post story, but she assured that her players were unaffected by the media buzz. “We’re not going to let one sleazy reporter distract us from what we’re trying to do,” Mulkey stated. “My kids didn’t even know I said that yesterday. That team isn’t involved in this. They were in shock when they saw all of that on the Internet.”

Angel Reese contributed significantly to the victory with 20 points and 11 rebounds, while Flau’jae Johnson added 21 points. Johnson’s determination was evident as she declared, “I wasn’t going home. I put in too much work.”

Despite the initial slow start, LSU turned the game around in the third quarter. The Blue Raiders, who had not lost since January 10 and had staged a remarkable comeback against Louisville in the first round, held a 41-32 lead with 8:22 remaining in the third quarter. However, LSU’s relentless defense and efficient offense sparked a 10-0 run, allowing them to take the lead and extend it further. By the end of the third quarter, LSU had a 59-49 lead, which they maintained through the final frame.

LSU’s next challenge will be against the winner of the UCLA-Creighton matchup, scheduled for Monday night. The Tigers are on a potential collision course with Caitlin Clark and Iowa, which could happen in the Elite Eight.

In a separate but equally captivating storyline, Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese made waves on social media with her pregame outfit ahead of her first WNBA game against her biggest college basketball rival, Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever. Reese, known for her fashion sense, did not disappoint as she showcased her new Barbie-themed sneakers.

Hours before the game, Reese went viral for her stunning pregame outfit. She humorously struggled with her heels while walking to the locker room, telling the cameraman, “Let me get these shoes off, a baddie can’t stay bad too long!” This candid moment resonated with fans, who appreciated her relatable struggle with high heels.

The WNBA’s official Twitter account shared the moment, captioning it, “Even the Barbie has a time limit on how long she can wear heels, but per usual she’s serving on the game day look.” Fans quickly expressed their admiration for Reese’s style and humor. One fan tweeted, “Chi Barbie is serving while rushing to get those shoes off of her feet lol. ‘A baddie can’t stay a baddie too long!'”

Reese’s pregame outfit not only showcased her fashion sense but also highlighted her personality, endearing her to fans even more. Her ability to balance style and performance on the court continues to make her a standout figure in women’s basketball.

As Reese and her team prepare for their next game, her viral moment serves as a reminder of the fun and relatable side of professional athletes. Whether it’s dominating on the court or making a fashion statement, Angel Reese knows how to capture the spotlight and connect with her audience.

Source: Getty Image, WNBA

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