ANTHRAX Performs Instrumental Version Of RATT’s ‘Round And Round’ STEPHEN PEARCY Offers To Sing

ANTHRAX Performs Instrumental Version Of RATT’s ‘Round And Round’ STEPHEN PEARCY Offers To Sing

ANTHRAX Performs Instrumental Version Of RATT’s ‘Round And Round’ STEPHEN PEARCY Offers To Sing

In an unexpected twist, RATT’s lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy recently shared a video of ANTHRAX jamming to a segment of RATT’s iconic track “Round And Round.” The rehearsal took place on April 24 at La Roca Power Studio in Argentina. Pearcy expressed his excitement in a message, stating, “Way cool @Anthrax does ‘Round and Round’. I’d be happy to sing with the band doing that song. Let’s go gentlemen.”

This collaboration offer is particularly intriguing given ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian’s past comments about the 1980s Sunset Strip glam metal scene, which RATT was a significant part of. In a 2011 interview with LA Weekly, Ian was asked why three of the four original “Big Four” thrash metal bands originated from Southern California. He explained that METALLICA, SLAYER, and MEGADETH had a lot to be angry about, unlike New York, which didn’t have the hair metal scene that dominated Los Angeles in the ’80s.

Ian elaborated, “We didn’t have the hair metal thing going on in New York like they did here in L.A. in the ’80s. We didn’t have to fight against that to get gigs, where all the clubs would book were those lady bands. Not that there was a thrash scene in New York. There was nothing going on. But at least didn’t have that against us at the time. Maybe three of the thrash bands formed here because there was more to hate.”

When asked if there was no hair metal in New York, Ian responded, “Not like out here [in Los Angeles]. I don’t like to call it ‘hair metal’ because there is nothing metal about it. It’s not glam, because real glam to me was David Bowie and the NEW YORK DOLLS. That stuff you had here in the ’80s with guys dressing like ladies, I don’t know what to call that. Maybe that’s truly crossover — cross-dressing.”

Despite these past remarks, the potential collaboration between Pearcy and ANTHRAX could be a fascinating blend of thrash and glam metal. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if this unique partnership will come to fruition.

In other ANTHRAX news, the band recently announced that bassist Frank Bello would not be able to join their South American tour due to personal reasons. The tour began on April 13 at MXMF The Metal Fest in Mexico City. Filling in for Bello was ANTHRAX’s founding member and original bassist Dan Lilker. This marked Lilker’s first appearance with the band in 40 years. Lilker, who co-wrote and played on ANTHRAX’s debut album “Fistful Of Metal,” was also a member of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH alongside ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante and Scott Ian.

The news of ANTHRAX performing an instrumental version of “Round And Round” and Pearcy’s offer to sing has generated significant buzz among fans of both bands. The idea of merging the distinct styles of thrash and glam metal is both exciting and unexpected. Whether this collaboration will materialize remains to be seen, but the anticipation is palpable.

As the music world watches closely, the potential for a live performance featuring Pearcy and ANTHRAX could be a historic moment. The fusion of their unique sounds could create a memorable experience for fans and a new chapter in the legacy of both bands.

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