Ariana Madix Felt ‘Trapped’ By Vanderpump Rules Producers During Reunion

Ariana Madix Felt ‘Trapped’ By Vanderpump Rules Producers During Reunion

Ariana Madix has recently opened up about feeling “trapped” by the producers of Vanderpump Rules during the reunion episode, accusing them of manipulating the situation to force a dramatic confrontation. Speaking on Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan’s podcast, “Disrespectfully,” Ariana, 38, shared her frustrations with how the producers handled the reunion, particularly their decision to withhold the final moments of the season finale until the cast was together on set.

Ariana explained that the producers’ actions felt like a targeted move against her, especially after she had refused to film a scene with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, during the finale. “They did not do what they thought they were gonna do,” Ariana said, describing her reaction to the producers’ tactics. “You see me mouth, ‘What the f*ck,’ to Scheana, which was literally like, ‘Oh, so this is what they’re doing?'”

The tension reached a peak when the cast was shown the final moments of the season during the reunion taping. Ariana felt cornered and believed the producers were trying to break her down in a setting where she was contractually obligated to be present. “It felt like, ‘Well, we have her trapped in this room now, so we didn’t get what we wanted to get, this like, some sort of tearful … we didn’t get to break her down [in real life] in the moment so we’re gonna retaliate by doing this right now,'” she recounted. “And it’s like, ‘Great. I cried. You guys happy now?'”

Ariana also defended her decision to walk away from the cameras during the finale, stating that it provided a more authentic and compelling end to the season. “I gave them the best f*cking ending to what that season could’ve had in that moment by leaving,” she insisted. “It was real and it was exciting to watch. Sorry. If you’re looking at it only from a perspective of like, ‘good reality TV,’ I gave you good reality TV.”

The reality star also addressed the criticism she received for not watching the entire season before the reunion taping. Some suggested that she would have shown more emotion if she had seen all the episodes. However, Ariana noted that she had seen enough clips online and didn’t feel the need to engage in every argument. “I went there, I flew in, stayed at Katie’s, and then literally got on a plane that night after the reunion to fly back and do two shows [on Broadway] the next day,” she recalled. “I was doing my best to show up, but at the same time, it was like, I don’t have that strong of feelings.”

Ariana’s new relationship with Daniel Wai was also a topic of discussion. She clarified that her romance with Dan had no bearing on her feelings towards Sandoval. “Being over that person romantically doesn’t mean you’re over the stuff that you went through — and still going through because I’m still having to deal with like, all of it,” she explained, referencing the ongoing issues with the $2 million home she shared with Sandoval.

Katie Maloney, who co-hosts the “Disrespectfully” podcast, echoed Ariana’s sentiments, expressing her disdain for how the producers handled the reunion. “I hated the ending of it all. I hated that they waited to show us that five minutes because I was like, ‘This feels mean and it’s just mean towards Ariana,'” Katie said. “That wasn’t for any of us. There was nothing shocking in it for any of us. It was only mean toward one person.”

The reunion episode also featured Lala Kent accusing Ariana of not doing her job by refusing to film a one-on-one scene with Sandoval. This accusation further fueled the drama, but Ariana stood her ground, emphasizing that her dramatic exit was more impactful than any forced conversation would have been. “Here’s the thing that’s so stupid. I gave them the best f*cking ending to what that season could have had in that moment by leaving. It was real and it was exciting to watch,” she said. “[A conversation] would have been a boring cap to a boring ass season, to be honest.”

Despite the intense emotions and confrontations, Ariana remains focused on her personal and professional life. She is currently busy with her new sandwich shop in West Hollywood, hosting Love Island USA, and preparing for a return to Broadway.

As for the future of Vanderpump Rules, the show is currently on pause, with no word on when filming for the next season will begin. It remains to be seen whether Ariana will return for a potential Season 12, but for now, she is determined to move forward and focus on her own happiness.

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