Bad Boys Rides to Top of UK Ireland Box Office

Bad Boys Rides to Top of UK Ireland Box Office

Bad Boys Rides to Top of UK Ireland Box Office

Sony’s “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” has stormed to the top of the UK and Ireland box office, raking in £3.8 million ($4.9 million) in its debut weekend, according to Comscore. This impressive opening has solidified the film’s position as a major player in the market.

In its fourth weekend, Paramount’s “IF” secured the second spot, earning £866,474 and bringing its total to £10.8 million. Meanwhile, Sony’s “The Garfield Movie” took third place in its third weekend, with £729,503, accumulating a total of £7.3 million.

Disney’s “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” held the fourth position in its fifth weekend, adding £620,911 to its total of £14.3 million. Warner Bros.’ “Furiosa” rounded out the top five, collecting £436,983 in its third weekend, reaching a total of £5.5 million.

Two new entries made it into the Top 10. Warner Bros.’ “The Watched” debuted in sixth place with £387,339, while Signature Entertainment’s “The Dead Don’t Hurt” entered in eighth with £95,827.

The upcoming weekend promises a slew of new releases, with Disney’s animated sequel “Inside Out 2” leading the pack. Vertigo is set to release “Freud’s Last Session,” featuring Anthony Hopkins as Sigmund Freud, and “Arcadian,” starring Nicolas Cage. Icon will debut “Sasquatch Sunset,” while Bulldog will release the horror film “The Moor.”

Filmnation and Bleecker Street will present “Treasure,” a father-daughter drama starring Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry. BFI Distribution will debut “Àma Gloria,” a family drama that premiered at Cannes. Curzon will release the Cannes winner “Hounds,” and Day for Night will open “Next Sohee,” which received accolades at Cannes and Busan.

ICA Cinema will release the Docslisboa title “Death of a City,” while MetFilm and Amazon MGM Studios will debut “Federer: Twelve Final Days.” MetFilm will also release the documentary “Wilding,” and Sovereign will present the fantasy film “Sorcery.”

Indian films set for release include the Tamil-language “Maharaja,” actor Vijay Sethupathi’s 50th film, and the Bollywood sports drama “Chandu Champion,” starring Kartik Aaryan.

Re-releases this weekend include “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” for its 30th anniversary, Paramount’s 40th anniversary 4K re-issue of “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” and the 50th anniversary 4K restoration of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Globally, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” has made a significant impact, with a worldwide opening of $104.6 million. This includes $48.6 million from international markets across 61 territories. The film’s performance in Europe was particularly strong, with the UK and Ireland contributing $4.9 million over five days.

In Latin America, the film set a franchise record with a $10 million opening, led by Mexico with $4.7 million. The Middle East also saw strong numbers, nearly matching Latin America with $9.5 million, led by Saudi Arabia with $4 million.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the film earned $4.4 million, with Australia leading at $2.8 million. The film has yet to open in China and Japan, which could further boost its earnings.

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” is expected to surpass the lifetime worldwide total of the original “Bad Boys” film, which grossed $141.4 million. The film will soon open in Italy, Japan, and China, which are anticipated to contribute significantly to its global earnings.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ “The Watched” had a modest opening, earning $7 million in North America and $4.6 million from 65 international markets. The film performed best in Mexico, followed by the UK and Ireland.

Sony’s “The Garfield Movie” continues to perform well, with a total of $192.7 million worldwide. The film is expected to surpass $200 million later this week, with strong performances in China and Mexico.

In China, several new releases have made an impact, including “Be My Friend,” “Walk The Line,” and “Crisis Negotiators,” all opening in the $5-8 million range. These films have outperformed new releases like “Furiosa: A Mad Max Movie,” which debuted with $3.6 million in China.

Despite the competition, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” has brought much-needed energy to the summer box office, with strong performances across multiple regions. The film’s success is a testament to the enduring appeal of the franchise and the star power of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.