BLADE Rumored Update On The Movie’s Villain As Wesley Snipes Weighs In On Latest Production Update

BLADE Rumored Update On The Movie’s Villain As Wesley Snipes Weighs In On Latest Production Update

With the Blade reboot facing another hurdle following the exit of director Yann Demange, fresh rumors have surfaced about the film’s villain, and Wesley Snipes has shared his thoughts on the latest production developments.

Since its announcement in 2019, the Blade reboot has experienced numerous setbacks, including changes in writers and directors. Fans are understandably anxious about the project’s future. The film was initially revealed during a high-profile Hall H panel, where Kevin Feige introduced Mahershala Ali as the new Daywalker. However, the announcement was made without a script or creative team, which in hindsight, may not have been the best move.

Five years have passed since the initial announcement, and the status of Blade remains a hot topic. Recently, Wesley Snipes, the original big-screen Daywalker, has weighed in on the situation.

Rumors from scooper @MyTimeToShineH suggest that despite the lack of a director, Blade is still on track. However, there are whispers that Ali is considering stepping away from the role due to frustration. This speculation follows reports that Demange left the project because Ali did not see him as the right fit for the film. If true, Ali’s frustration would be understandable.

The leaker also mentioned that Dracula was included in the latest draft of Michael Green’s script, potentially setting up the Midnight Suns. This addition could be a significant development for the film’s storyline.

On a more positive note, Variety provided an update on Blade’s progress, highlighting the involvement of veteran Marvel writer Eric Pearson. Known for his work on “The Fantastic Four,” “Black Widow,” and “Thor: Ragnarok,” Pearson is seen as a closer who can finalize scripts. His involvement is a promising sign that Blade might finally move forward.

With major events like Comic-Con and D23 on the horizon, there is hope that Marvel Studios will provide an updated slate and clarify Blade’s status. However, it seems increasingly unlikely that the film will meet its planned November 7, 2025 release date.

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