Brooklyn Beckham’s wife Nicola Peltz hires lawyer to pursue dog groomer after Chihuahua Nala’s sudden death

Brooklyn Beckham’s wife Nicola Peltz hires lawyer to pursue dog groomer after Chihuahua Nala’s sudden death

Nicola Peltz is gearing up to take legal action against a dog groomer after the sudden death of her chihuahua, Nala. The 29-year-old actress, who is married to Brooklyn Beckham, has retained a lawyer and plans to “go after the grooming company” located in upstate New York, according to sources who spoke to TMZ on Saturday.

The groomers attended to Nicola’s dog at the home where she was staying, shortly before Nala experienced a fatal medical emergency. In an Instagram post on June 15, Nicola revealed that a vet had recently assessed Nala and declared her “perfectly healthy” before she was taken to the unnamed grooming company. However, when Nicola picked up Nala and noticed the dog was “hyperventilating and couldn’t catch her breath,” she immediately rushed her to an emergency vet, but the dog tragically passed away a few hours later.

According to TMZ’s sources, veterinary records indicated that the dog had fluid in her lungs, neurological problems, and a rapid heart rate before her death, though the exact cause of these issues remains unknown. Nicola and Brooklyn had previously used the grooming service without any issues, according to the outlet.

TMZ’s sources claimed the actress’ legal action is not motivated by money but rather by a desire to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again. Nicola, an advocate for animal rights, is seeking answers about Nala’s time with the groomer. However, there were no cameras in the grooming van, raising questions about what happened inside.

“I’m sharing this in hopes that it might prevent this from happening to other dogs,” Nicola added in her June 15 Instagram post. “Her life was taken away from her way too soon. Please be careful who you send your dogs to because you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. One day without Nala on earth feels like an eternity. I wish I could have her back in my arms.”

Last Saturday, in an Instagram Story, Nicola stated that the grooming company had ceased cooperating with her team, according to USWeekly. “My heart has been shattered,” she wrote. “I am relentlessly investigating the situation to find out exactly what happened in that groomer’s van. I am doing everything I can to uncover the truth.”

Brooklyn had taken to his social media on June 15 to announce the loss and pay tribute to their beloved pet. “Dear Nala, we miss you so much, you were unexpectedly taken from us way too soon and hope others don’t experience a loss after something as simple as a grooming,” he wrote alongside a snap of himself holding Nala. “You were the cutest little baby girl and we will always think of you. We know you are looking and barking down on us. We love you so much and miss you beyond.”

Nicola’s determination to uncover the truth behind Nala’s sudden death has been evident in her social media posts. She has been vocal about her heartbreak and her commitment to finding out what happened. The lack of cooperation from the grooming company has only fueled her resolve to get to the bottom of the incident.

The tragic loss of Nala has not only affected Nicola and Brooklyn but has also resonated with their followers and animal lovers who have expressed their condolences and support. Nicola’s advocacy for animal rights and her efforts to raise awareness about the importance of choosing trustworthy grooming services have been highlighted through this unfortunate event.

As the investigation continues, Nicola remains focused on ensuring that no other pet owners have to go through a similar experience. Her legal team is working diligently to gather all necessary information and evidence to hold the responsible parties accountable.

The sudden and unexpected death of Nala has brought to light the potential risks associated with pet grooming services. Nicola’s story serves as a reminder for pet owners to be vigilant and cautious when selecting grooming services for their beloved pets.

In the wake of this tragedy, Nicola and Brooklyn have received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow animal lovers. Their dedication to seeking justice for Nala and preventing future incidents has been widely recognized and appreciated.

As Nicola continues her relentless pursuit of the truth, she hopes that her efforts will lead to greater transparency and accountability within the pet grooming industry. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that no other pet owners have to endure the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet under similar circumstances.

Source: TMZ, USWeekly

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