BTS V leaves female singer flustered in buff physique while patrolling in SDT uniform ‘such a gentleman’

BTS V leaves female singer flustered in buff physique while patrolling in SDT uniform ‘such a gentleman’

BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently left fans and a fellow artist in awe with his impressive physique and gentlemanly demeanor. The K-pop star, currently serving in the military, was seen patrolling in his Special Duty Task (SDT) uniform at an event in Chuncheon. His appearance and behavior caught the attention of many, including Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young, who was visibly flustered by his presence.

During a festival celebrating Korea’s “Month of Patriots and Veterans,” V was spotted interacting with Lee Ji Young. The event, held on June 9th, featured performances by renowned artists, including Lee Ji Young. V, who had previously mentioned gaining weight, appeared strong and confident in his military uniform. His transformation from a delicate idol to a robust soldier was evident, and his interaction with Lee Ji Young highlighted his respectful and gentlemanly nature.

A video of the encounter went viral on social media, showing V whispering something to Lee Ji Young, who gasped in surprise upon recognizing him. Despite being her junior, V’s respectful behavior left a lasting impression. He shook her hand, bowed, saluted, and then quickly returned to his duties. Fans were quick to praise V for his transformation and his courteous behavior.

One fan commented, “Did he personally go to say hello to his senior? It’s crazy. Even though BTS is absolutely top tier, he is amazing.” Another fan noted, “Wow, V’s image seems to have changed. He had a delicate image before enlisting, but I feel he is very healthy and bright.” The admiration for V’s new look and demeanor was widespread, with many fans expressing their pride and excitement.

Lee Ji Young later shared her experience on Instagram, describing V as a ‘handsome soldier’ and praising his off-stage gentleness. She wrote, “Today, after finishing my performance at the Chuncheon Veteran Culture Festival, a handsome soldier greeted me as I descended the stage. I realized he was BTS’s V, my junior.” She continued, “His stage presence always impresses me, but seeing his gentleness off-stage was unexpected. Wearing his uniform, he looked even more magnificent. Though we didn’t manage to take a photo due to the rush, thanks to Kuang for the video.” She wished him a healthy military service and expressed her anticipation for his return to the entertainment industry.

V is the only BTS member who opted to enroll in the special task force, while the rest of the group, including Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, and Jungkook, continue serving in mandatory military service in South Korea. His decision to join the special task force has been a topic of interest among fans, who admire his dedication and commitment.

The event in Chuncheon was part of Korea’s “Month of Patriots and Veterans,” a time to commemorate the allegiance and sacrifices of fallen heroes and military personnel. The Seoul Metropolitan Government Website explains, “Every year on June 6, the public commemorates the allegiance and sacrificed lives of fallen heroes and military personnel who fought for the country. Memorial Day was designated as a holiday on June 25, 1956, to remember those who fought and died during the Korean War.”

Fans were thrilled to see V in his SDT uniform, with many taking to social media to express their admiration. One fan wrote, “My friend was at the event, he saw V patrolling, Tae Tae was looking extremely handsome guys am in tears.” Another added, “It’s even cooler to see him actually working. He even went to say hello to his senior.”

The interaction between V and Lee Ji Young not only highlighted V’s physical transformation but also his respectful and gentlemanly nature. His behavior left a lasting impression on Lee Ji Young and fans alike, who praised him for his courteous demeanor.

As V continues his military service, fans eagerly await his return to the entertainment industry. His transformation and dedication have only increased their admiration for him. The viral video of his interaction with Lee Ji Young serves as a reminder of his growth and the respect he commands, both on and off the stage.

In the meantime, fans continue to support V and the rest of BTS as they fulfill their military duties. The group’s bond and dedication to each other are evident, and fans look forward to their eventual reunion. For now, V’s impressive physique and gentlemanly behavior remain a topic of admiration and pride among fans.

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