Cherie Jimenez Discusses Her Role as the New Gabi on DAYS

Cherie Jimenez Discusses Her Role as the New Gabi on DAYS

The time has finally come for Gabi Hernandez to return to Salem on “Days of Our Lives,” and fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of Cherie Jimenez in the role. After spending over half a year in prison for a murder she didn’t commit, Gabi’s return is set to bring a whirlwind of emotions and drama to the show. Jimenez’s first appearance as Gabi is scheduled for Thursday, June 27.

When viewers first see Gabi again, she is still behind bars, and her future remains uncertain. Over the past few months, there have been several mentions of Stefan visiting his wife, and even a few phone calls between them. However, Thursday’s episode will mark the first time they interact face-to-face since her imprisonment, and it will also be Jimenez’s debut episode.

“You’ll see me in prison, and Stefan comes to see me,” Jimenez explains, speaking as Gabi. Stefan informs her that he has been working tirelessly to secure her release and that she will soon be a free woman. Despite his assurances, Gabi remains skeptical. “Gabi is skeptical, of course,” Jimenez elaborates. “It’s like, ‘Why is this going to happen?’ And when he mentions that EJ is the one who is going to help him, she just doesn’t believe it.”

Gabi’s doubts are understandable, given that EJ despises her. However, Stefan has managed to corner his brother, the reinstated DA, who has no choice but to help if he wants to keep his life intact. One way or another, Stefan is determined to get Gabi out of prison. But when she does get out, she will not be the same woman who went in. This transformation is not just about Jimenez taking over the role; Gabi has endured significant trauma during her time in prison.

Gabi has been threatened, attacked, and even had her legs broken by Clyde’s minions. Much like her first stint in prison, where she was beaten so severely that she could no longer have children, Gabi has been through a lot. However, this does not mean she will return as a shrinking violet. “Gabi is strong,” Jimenez asserts. “And because she has been in prison before, Gabi is also not one to be messed with.”

In prison, Gabi did not simply give up; she fought back. “But to have to fight back every day and not know if you’re going to see your family again,” Jimenez says, “is exhausting.” One of the most challenging aspects for Gabi has been not being able to see her daughter. “I think the biggest thing about her being in prison too is not being able to see her daughter. And being a mother now,” Jimenez adds, speaking of her own family, “I can’t imagine not being able to see my son for six months. That alone is traumatic in itself.”

“This has been a really tough situation for Gabi,” Jimenez continues. “So coming out of prison, she’s obviously gonna be a changed person. It’s going to bring a new dynamic and of course, me coming into this role, it’s going to be my interpretation of Gabi, while also understanding that the fans have their view of who Gabi was.”

Once Gabi learns she is free and that her name has been cleared, Jimenez says, “that in itself is everything. That allows for Gabi to start a new life, to clear her name, to see her daughter, to be with family, and to be with Stefan. It’s a chance to rebuild her life.” This newfound freedom will create a new path for Gabi. “How can she become a better person and make different decisions this time around?” Jimenez ponders.

Will Gabi be less power-hungry and eager to take over DiMera Enterprises? Will she spend more time with her family and settle down with Stefan? Only time will tell how much this experience has changed Gabi. However, one thing is certain: she will remain as strong and feisty as ever.

Cherie Jimenez’s journey to the role of Gabi Hernandez-DiMera has been a long one. She expressed her gratitude and excitement, saying, “My heart is filled with immense gratitude for the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES. It was an absolute dream to work on DAYS.”

Interestingly, this role did not come out of the blue for Jimenez. She revealed that she had auditioned for the role 15 years ago when it first appeared but didn’t land it. Reflecting on this, she says, “I’m turning 37 this weekend, and it’s one of those roles in my twenties that has always been in the back of my mind.” Her passion and perseverance have certainly paid off.

The casting director, Marnie Saitta, also spoke about the dedication involved in finding the right fit for Gabi. When Jimenez wanted to audition again, Saitta recalled, “I was actually looking for your cassette tape.” Such dedication underscores the importance placed on maintaining character integrity in long-running shows like “Days of Our Lives.”

Camila Banus, who previously played Gabi, left fans with mixed feelings upon her departure. Banus herself expressed dissatisfaction with how her character was written out, as evidenced by her comments on social media.

Gabi Hernandez’s return is not just a character arc; it’s a major plot point that breathes new life into several relationships and storylines. Strengthened by new experiences and a passion for her work, Jimenez’s portrayal of Gabi is sure to captivate longtime viewers of “Days of Our Lives.”


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