CHUCK BILLY: Most Drums Recorded For Next TESTAMENT Album

CHUCK BILLY: Most Drums Recorded For Next TESTAMENT Album

In a recent interview with Rockin’ Metal Revival, TESTAMENT’s frontman Chuck Billy provided an exciting update on the band’s progress with their upcoming album, the follow-up to 2020’s “Titans Of Creation.” While the album’s title and release date remain under wraps, Billy shared some intriguing insights into the recording process, particularly highlighting the contributions of their new drummer, Chris Dovas.

Billy expressed his enthusiasm for Dovas, noting that the young drummer has significantly influenced guitarist Eric Peterson’s creative process. “Chris Dovas is our new drummer on board, and he is lighting Eric Peterson up as far as writing,” Billy said. He emphasized that Dovas has pushed Peterson to explore new creative boundaries, resulting in a blend of modern and old-school elements in the new material.

The recording process for TESTAMENT has evolved over the years, primarily due to the band members living in different locations. Billy explained that they now write songs via the Internet before coming together for in-person sessions. “We don’t live near each other and don’t go to the studio and hang out and drink beer like we used to,” he said. Despite these changes, the band has made significant progress, with most of the drum tracks already recorded.

The band has been in the studio for about three weeks, and according to Billy, “most of the drums are done, a couple of cover songs we’re gonna cover are done.” They are still finalizing the last few songs, aiming to complete the recording before their European tour in July.

When asked if fans could expect to hear new music during the upcoming “Klash Of The Titans” North American co-headlining tour with KREATOR, Billy was hesitant. He mentioned that the band would likely focus on promoting the re-releases of their first two albums, “The Legacy” and “New Order,” with an old-school setlist.

Guitarist Alex Skolnick also shared insights into the songwriting process, noting that the pandemic had delayed their progress. “2020 basically didn’t exist [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. It’s a year that went away,” Skolnick said. He praised Dovas for bringing the right energy to the band, reminiscent of their early days. Skolnick mentioned that the band has numerous sketches and ideas that need to be consolidated and arranged, but they are well on their way to completing the album.

Dovas, who joined TESTAMENT as a full-time member last year, has been instrumental in the creative process. He described his experience working with the band as “very organic” and “involved.” Dovas has been collaborating closely with Peterson, jamming and developing new ideas. “Eric and I, he set a timer at one point for, like, 20 minutes and we would just jam random ideas,” Dovas said. This method has allowed them to create unique and exciting material for the new album.

Peterson echoed these sentiments, praising Dovas for his versatility and dedication. “He’s just a really good drummer. He’s 24; he’s my son’s age. Young blood back in TESTAMENT,” Peterson said. He highlighted Dovas’s diverse musical background, which includes influences from black metal to jazz, making him a perfect fit for TESTAMENT’s varied sound.

The band’s excitement for the new material is palpable. Peterson shared that he and Dovas had spent a productive week working on new ideas, ranging from thrash to dark heavy hard rock blues. “I’m a fan. For me, I wouldn’t release anything unless I’m a fan of what I’m doing,” Peterson said, expressing his confidence in the new material.

As TESTAMENT continues to work on their upcoming album, fans can look forward to a blend of modern and classic elements, driven by the fresh energy and creativity brought by Chris Dovas. With most of the drums already recorded, the band is on track to deliver another powerful addition to their discography.

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