Cignature Returns with Fifth EP “Sweetie but Saltie” and First Fan Showcase

Cignature Returns with Fifth EP “Sweetie but Saltie” and First Fan Showcase

Girl group Cignature is set to make a highly anticipated return with their fifth EP, “Sweetie but Saltie,” after a 10-month hiatus. The new album will be available on various online music platforms starting at 6 PM on the 10th. Ahead of the release, a media showcase hosted by MC Hoon took place at 2 PM at the Shinhan Card SOL Pay Square Live Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

The group shared their excitement about the new release, noting that their previous EP, “Our Summer of That Year,” was also a summer release. They expressed that this second summer release has given them more experience and confidence in creating summer music. “We have prepared the new song with a concept that suits the summer,” they said. “As we have prepared for a long time, we will show a more mature side of us.”

“Sweetie but Saltie” is Cignature’s first new album in nearly a year. The EP, which includes four tracks, delves into the sweet and salty facets of love and the accompanying worries. Cignature has infused their signature bright and lively musical style into the album, capturing the thrilling and exciting elements of love.

The title track, “Poongdung,” is a song that transparently and directly expresses the determination to fall in love without hesitation. The track features a refreshing and vintage sound with a summer vibe, funky and groovy rhythms, and vocal chops. It was produced by Ryan Jhun, a renowned hitmaker in the K-pop industry, adding to its quality.

The music video for “Poongdung,” which will be released simultaneously with the album, was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, showcasing Cignature’s new charm.

In addition to the title track, the EP includes “I like I like,” which expresses the feelings of falling in love in both Korean and English versions, and “Melody,” a medium-tempo song that sincerely conveys their thoughts and resolutions about music. The Korean version of “I like I like” has a cute feel, while the English version captures the natural chemistry between friends, offering different points of enjoyment for domestic and international listeners.

At the media showcase, the members introduced the tracks on the fifth EP. They described “I like I like” as “a song that expresses the feelings of falling in love, available in both Korean and English versions. The addictive melody will stick in your ears.” Regarding the title track “Poongdung,” they said, “It’s a song about diving headfirst into love. As you listen, you will fall in love with us. It’s a refreshing summer song with a signature choreography that mimics diving.”

Regarding the music video for “Smooth Sailing” filmed in Lisbon, they shared, “When we traveled to Portugal, we had a layover in Dubai during a record-breaking rainstorm. All our and the staff’s luggage was lost. We received news that our luggage was found just as we were about to return.”

Cignature’s fifth EP, “Sweetie but Saltie,” which showcases their more confident and proactive charm as ‘rising summer queens,’ will be released at 6 PM today (the 10th). Additionally, they will hold their first-ever fan showcase at 8 PM, meeting their fans.

The ladies of Cignature are making a comeback to welcome the exciting summer season!

On May 24 KST, C9 Entertainment announced Cignature’s return with the release of their 5th mini album, ‘Sweetie but Saltie’. This marks the girl group’s first comeback in approximately 10 months after the release of their 4th mini album ‘Us in the Summer’ in August of last year.

Fans can look forward to an addicting, sweet and salty comeback from Cignature, coming up on June 10 at 6 PM KST!